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If you could have any super power?
Discussion - started by Peripatetic, posted on 10-Feb-21 1:11AM
Hello everyone.

I thought I'd start another discussion. Something to just ponder and and be playful in correspondence with.

Getting to the meat and bones...

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

A single super power (doesn't even have to be super, can merely be an attribute one doesn't have).

So for example, if you say Wolverine's, that would actually be 2 powers and most super heroes/ villains have several powers to offset their other powers...

Since I'm starting it off. Mine would be the ability to bend the time space continuum.

My reason: I've travelled the world over for the last 21 years or so and have seen and met many wondrous people and locations (the, good the bad and the ugly). If I could bend time space.. I could see the different pathways and see more on a multi dimensional scale, thus gaining more experience in a shorter amount of time due to that.

What's yours?

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Comment #1 by silvergrey565 in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Feb-21 12:02PM
Wow Mr P, I think you’ve stumped us all with that one!!
I guess mine would be the ability to jump back and forth in years. I’m very comfortable being the age I am, but wouldn’t it be great every so often to jump back 30years and enjoy some of the benefits of being younger. But not wanting to have the grind of working full time, worrying about the mortgage, the kids and so on. Then jump back to the present.
Comment #2 by DarkKnight in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Feb-21 3:24PM
I'd have to go with Jamie madrox the multiple man's powers, the ability to create an army of an subserviant duplicates with all my skills and knowledge
Comment #3 by Handyman88 in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Feb-21 4:07PM
That sure would be one hell of an ability, to be able to observe and understand different perspectives on any given situation, I feel like you would need a very strong mind to avoid becoming a gibbering mess with so much knowledge, haha. Is there such a thing as too much understanding?

I would go for something like the ability to manipulate the world around me, like Neo when in the matrix. To have control over matter as opposed to time is definitely more of a selfish choice, but I find solace in knowing that there is no spoon

Great question BTW
Comment #4 by Peripatetic in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Feb-21 6:52PM
I'm enjoying the abilities thus far.

Silvergrey565 and me have a same interest in control of the time space continuum.

DarkKnight with Madrox Prime (someone knows their comics).
Ability to produce clones, hopefully you create a clone to also police yourself like Madrox had to after he became Emporer Prime 😉.

Handyman8 , you're going for the manipulation of reality. Looking forward to the new Matrix to come out I wonder?

Some interesting ones so far. Can't wait to see what others come up with.

DarkKnight blew me away with Madrox Prime 😂.

Thanks for contributing.
Comment #5 by ToysOnYou in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Feb-21 7:33PM
The people saying "bend time space" should say something like omni-potence instead.

Having the ability to manipulate the fabric of time WITHOUT a insane increase in brain power is silly

It'd be like either The flash or Quicksilver without their super reaction speed. They'd take 3 super quick steps then splat.

Pulling on the fabric of space time will undoubtely have repercussions us regular mortals couldnt predict on the fly

My power would be to know if someone is lying, regardless of the form of communication so long as I am exposed to whatever form of communication they use. Eg in person, via text, video/audio, email ect
Comment #6 by Peripatetic in response to ToysOnYou ( view post )
Posted on 10-Feb-21 8:28PM
Ok, I'll rephrase. Not bending time space, rather manipulate the time space continuum 🤣.

Omnipotence would be a multitude and infinite resources of power.

It would take a toll mentally yes, especially with feeling like you're in a multi verse and all the things that did happen that aren't part of a current time line. To keep all those in check.

Simply put: Time travel
Comment #7 by Peripatetic in response to ToysOnYou ( view post )
Posted on 10-Feb-21 8:30PM
Loved the flash splatting thing.
Posted on 10-Feb-21 8:43PM
To be irresistible to women.
Comment #9 by Peripatetic in response to EB-rider ( view post )
Posted on 10-Feb-21 10:58PM
I was waiting for someone to drop that one 😬. Nice 👍🏼
Comment #10 by EB-rider in response to Peripatetic ( view post )
Posted on 11-Feb-21 6:12AM
Well it had to be said... And what a superpower to have.
Comment #11 by Peripatetic in response to EB-rider ( view post )
Posted on 11-Feb-21 10:32AM

Indeed 😬.

Reminds me of the Lynx effect (lynx adverts).
Posted on 11-Feb-21 11:19AM
I hadn't even considered the mental toll . I more mean that having the power to move/manipulate something doesn't mean you also possess a complete understanding of the effects your manipulation has.

For example, I have the power to punch a big rock, very hard. So it Flys away, that does not inherently imply that I know exactly what will have to the rock as a result.

It might fly away, it could crack, explode, the blow could glance off causing the rock to spin.

Simply put: You'd fuck up and make a black hole

Omnipotence is a single power.
Potency is a single concept. It just covers everything. Yes that mean as a result you would possess infinite other powers but it is all summed up in your potential for anything. Maximum potential for everything, nothing you cannot do should you choose. It also encompasses omniscience, your potential to know things is limitless

Time travel is a single power unless you are also able to move your physical position. It'd be combined with teleportaion.

Without being able to adjust position
Go too far back: Appears in mid air and falls (potentially appear during period where environmental conditions would quickly/instantly kill a human)
Go too far forward: Appears underground and becomes one with the planet, fatally so
Comment #13 by EB-rider in response to Peripatetic ( view post )
Posted on 11-Feb-21 11:36AM
It never worked for me.
Comment #14 by Calypso122 in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Feb-21 12:04PM
Invisibility so I can observe others and move around unseen.

Photographic Vision so I could take photos just by looking at something

Mind reading I'm fascinated by human behaviour so I would love to be able to read minds and maybe get a better understanding.

If I had to pick just one it would be the Photographic vision it would work well for me in everyday life I wouldn't have to carry a phone or camera while climbing fences, ladders or scaffolding 🤫 when I'm trying to get a good shot.
Posted on 11-Feb-21 12:16PM
I'm enjoying how deep you're going into this. Omnipotence is an amalgamation of powers. Hence why I'm asking for a single power (due to the difficult nature) and the reason for this discussion doesn't qualify.

I get your point on time travel. As thinking about it now. I would need the additional evolution of foresight aswell as disproving Stephen Hawkins chronology protection conjecture 😂.

So I'll change my selection to telepathy.

Although, can you imagine the carnage if I became mentally unstable?
Comment #16 by Peripatetic in response to EB-rider ( view post )
Posted on 11-Feb-21 12:16PM
The adverts were pretty cool though back then.
Posted on 11-Feb-21 2:20PM
You actually seem to have missed both points.
Omnipotence is a single power, it's a singular concept which covers absolutely everything, as well as nothing all at once

The power of time travel, like in the comics: allow for any individual to bypass those restrictions. In any case that theory based on what he knows. That only tachyons are known to travel backward through "time" currently.

That's not to say it isnt possible for non sub-atomic particles to time travel, we just lack all the required data.

What I said about time travel was your position will remain the same. The earth might not even be there when you appear even if it was when you left, you know it moves right?. You could appear in the moon or space. You could appear underground

Yea telepathy would be bad if you went bonkers, like Xavier in the movie Logan and potentially worse

You could do a lot of good just by being able to tell the truth from lies, imagine if someone like that got to sit in parliament
Posted on 11-Feb-21 5:36PM
, I'm not even a fan of him, I just think his powers are neat, I could easily go reality warping or omega tp/tk
Comment #19 by Iloveitall in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Feb-21 6:47PM
Shape-shifting. I could grow my tongue and lick the g spot 😋
Posted on 11-Feb-21 11:28PM
I get what you're saying about omnipotence. If we allow omnipotence, as it is a collation of infinite and somewhat cosmic powers and is not a singular power as it becomes a list is the reason I'm saying it. It would render this thread useless .

I got the point on that you were making.

The second point on time travel being absurdly dangerous with out the means to protect yourself from unknown dangers jumping into the future is why I changed it to telepathy.

Could do a number on the brain though as you stated. Worth it though. Imagine what you could do. Telepathy itself could be a way to forge a great path for the future.
Posted on 11-Feb-21 11:28PM
Haha! Incredible!
Comment #22 by gadget in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Feb-21 11:02PM
the power over peoples minds would be mine... make people submissives cumsluts gay lesbian the possibilities could be endless
Comment #23 by Peripatetic in response to gadget ( view post )
Posted on 13-Feb-21 5:46PM
, got to love the way you're mostly using it sexually too haha!
Comment #24 by gadget in response to Peripatetic ( view post )
Posted on 14-Feb-21 2:02AM
With my perverted mind I'd sure have a lot of fun
Comment #25 by 6ZOE9 in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Feb-21 5:19AM
A super power...hmmm The ability to change from female to male, back and forth haha Not just for sexual pleasure. Not one day as a fm or m would be the same!
Comment #26 by Peripatetic in response to 6ZOE9 ( view post )
Posted on 14-Feb-21 12:53PM
Rather interesting and could have some intriguing outcomes. You could definitely tick off your male on male fantasy then too!
Comment #27 by 6ZOE9 in response to Peripatetic ( view post )
Posted on 14-Feb-21 4:22PM
Have yet to experience m to m fucking watching in person. Watching 2 guys fucking each other is hot!
Comment #28 by Free in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Feb-21 11:02PM
Or maybe China; it's so hard to choose super powers when you can only have one.
Comment #29 by Peripatetic in response to Free ( view post )
Posted on 15-Feb-21 10:21AM
Comment #30 by SandyFeet in response to the main topic
Posted on 17-Feb-21 2:27PM

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