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Discussion - started by Southern-couple, posted on 6-Jul-21 4:52PM
I finally convinced hubby to let me peg him what an experience

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Comment #1 by Tom38 in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Jul-21 5:01PM
I let my ex gf do it too me
Enjoyed a female dominating me for a change!
Comment #2 by Joshy1970 in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Jul-21 5:07PM
The perfect wife :)
Posted on 6-Jul-21 5:16PM
I like to think I am
Posted on 6-Jul-21 5:22PM
I am sure you are ... no doubt
Comment #5 by Totemz in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Jul-21 5:51PM
I’d love to be pegged so much. Did he cum through pegging?
Posted on 6-Jul-21 5:55PM
No not just by pegging he cum so much while I stroked him
Posted on 6-Jul-21 8:24PM
What sort off harness are you use
Comment #8 by Add1more2 in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Jul-21 9:37PM
My wife loves pegging me. I love it. I feel I'm at my weakest when she pegs me. She really gets into it and I get so hard. Sometimes she pegs me without putting on the harness and sucks me at the same time which drives me crazy....
Posted on 6-Jul-21 10:09PM
Not 100% sure I got it about 2 years ago off wild secrets, it took awhile to convince him to have a go
Posted on 6-Jul-21 10:10PM
Yes I started out using my fingers in him while blowing him. He loves it
Posted on 7-Jul-21 5:43PM
He is a very lucky guy. I love being pegged.
Posted on 7-Jul-21 5:45PM
He’s said he will take another fucking this weekend
Comment #13 by NZuncut in response to the main topic
Posted on 7-Jul-21 6:03PM
Congrats! Always awesome to see someone's tastes expand and evolve :)
Posted on 8-Jul-21 5:31PM
If I said I wasn't Jealous, I'd be Lying x
Comment #15 by shyguy2021 in response to LilyBlack ( view post )
Posted on 8-Jul-21 7:27PM
Anyone in Wellington want to peg a guy, I'll be your willing participant!
Comment #16 by Keenasfornsa in response to the main topic
Posted on 8-Jul-21 8:04PM
So hot being pegged by a women πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
Posted on 8-Jul-21 8:09PM
My mrs will peg the fuck out of yur ass and I'll take yur mouth wid my big hard brown cock
Posted on 8-Jul-21 8:45PM
Sounds perfect!
Posted on 8-Jul-21 10:17PM
Sounds like paradise to me
Comment #20 by Youngbuk3 in response to Tootnlilly ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jul-21 12:45PM
I’d love you to do this to me
Posted on 9-Jul-21 2:22PM
Says a straight male
Posted on 9-Jul-21 3:39PM
One of many, I'm straight but I like Cock. Pick a Side!
Comment #23 by ashjames in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Jul-21 10:07PM
I love it when my wife pegs me. Only if you was into it as much as I was
Posted on 10-Jul-21 7:27AM
I'd love it if my wife would peg me, but there's no way I can convince her to do it
Comment #25 by ants68 in response to LilyBlack ( view post )
Posted on 15-Jul-21 5:37PM
mmm i'd love it to.
Comment #26 by Andy60 in response to the main topic
Posted on 16-Jul-21 11:49PM
Love being dominated and pegged
Comment #27 by Ashhorse6269 in response to the main topic
Posted on 17-Jul-21 7:48AM
Convinced my ex wife to peg me, was the most intense ejaculation I'd ever had, blew between her titties as she banged me,however she didn't enjoy it so would only do it for me every few months.
Very hard to find ladies who genuinely enjoy pegging a guy,you are a very special lady and hubby is a very lucky guy, hope he really appreciates it.
If you'd ever like another victim give me a shout.
Posted on 17-Jul-21 8:04AM
Lots of straight males love being pegged, just because you like anal stimulation does not mean you are gay or bi.
Posted on 17-Jul-21 8:07AM
"you blew between her titties while she banged you" . Doesn't make a lot of sense
Posted on 17-Jul-21 8:16AM
How do you work that out, it's How I cum every time from being pegged.
Me in missionary position with a pillow under my arse and legs in the air on the edge of the bed, she is standing and leaning over me with her tits just touching me, some girls can actually do the same thing in normal missionary position on the bed.
Posted on 17-Jul-21 8:36AM
Yeah now I can see how you do it
Posted on 17-Jul-21 5:49PM
If you are ever up the far north, give us a holla
Posted on 17-Jul-21 5:51PM
Thanks, Sure will.
Comment #34 by zoig2333 in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Jul-21 7:28PM
what a lucky guy, would love a chick to do that to me
Comment #35 by dogpack2u in response to the main topic
Posted on 23-Jul-21 4:37PM
Amazing! Lucky sub!
Comment #36 by Bottom4Top in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Jul-21 11:28PM
Partner pegs me all the time. She makes me her little slut, she enjoys it. We have a huge toy selection I'll wear some sexy girls panties usually. Could never go back to a boring normal sex life.

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