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Taboo fantasies
Discussion - started by Hungrysextoy, posted on 1-Oct-21 1:00AM
I'm not shocked by anything as long as rule no 1 it doesn't involve kids.
I would like to see us adults be free to share our kinkiest ideas and wishes and not be judged for them kink is fun and shouldn't be guilt

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Comment #1 by cosplayer2010 in response to the main topic
Posted on 1-Oct-21 1:01AM
Easy... would love to be caught having sex in public, or would love to catch another couple and join in next to them!
Posted on 1-Oct-21 1:03AM
It is exciting I've been seen sucking long rubber dildo worn by my wife in park whilst I was on my knees
Posted on 1-Oct-21 1:04AM
Thats pretty fuckin hot not gonna lie!
Posted on 1-Oct-21 1:11AM
It got better I had everything handy for her to tie my arms as wide possible to bridge railing then my ankles spread and tied to posts with huge plug in my ass and standing behind me shoved double ended dildo down my throat whilst another woman stood and watched but I'm hoping to fulfill much wilder fantasy that I've never met one I can share with , but I have deepthroated a huge cock at a rave party whilst drunk girls watched
Posted on 1-Oct-21 1:13AM
Nice pretty hot stuff there!
Posted on 1-Oct-21 1:17AM
Hottest thing I've ever done was go horse ridding and the girl who ran trekking talked me into being dressed up and after long ride had me let her friends watch as she pegged me with big strap-on whilst telling me if I came back for another ride to make sure I let her know so it be only us two as she had some other ideas in mind and would arrange us to have all weekend
Posted on 1-Oct-21 1:19AM
As she really loved that I liked and could handle big toys
Comment #8 by 01James in response to Hungrysextoy ( view post )
Posted on 1-Oct-21 5:38PM
that's a real 'wow', hope you have been back since.

My fantasy to hopefully come true is pretty tame really,,, to be the 'm' in a MmF scene, but just used orally, or for penetrating by both as they see fit, with absolutely no interest in my 'relief', just to be the plaything. trouble is like most of us, even finding a woman who likes strapon play is pretty damn rare.
Comment #9 by Hungrysextoy in response to 01James ( view post )
Posted on 1-Oct-21 5:42PM
Thumbs up it's worth every moment , I have Dom couple who know I love being their toy my pleasure is their pleasure and of course big toys used on me love spitroasting She gets so deep in throat
Comment #10 by 01James in response to Hungrysextoy ( view post )
Posted on 1-Oct-21 6:28PM
sadly?? the largest she got me up to was a 7 inch and about 1.25- . thick, she moved to Aussie, but she had plans to build up to a incher and about thick.. was 'pretty filling'.. (OMG# )
Comment #11 by 01James in response to Hungrysextoy ( view post )
Posted on 1-Oct-21 6:29PM
9 incher.. I will have to remember the 4 number rule on here, grrrrrrr
Comment #12 by Raafreeky1 in response to the main topic
Posted on 29-Dec-21 11:28PM
I really want to watch my man get blocked by multiple guys while i watche the thought of it really turns me on but the problem is we have no idea how to organize such a thing
Comment #13 by domseka in response to Raafreeky1 ( view post )
Posted on 30-Dec-21 8:38PM
over 10 years ago i had a dommee lady friend,(she has moved away),i regularly visited her and was her sub-toy,only allowed to cum if i pleased her and with her permission,my fondest visit was a prearranged "servant",a dozen or so of her friends were at her house having drinks,i was told on arrival to enter the back door,go to her room and put on the blouse n panties plus a mask and collar,then text her,so after doing all that she entered,clipped on a dog lead and made me crawl beside her,once in the room i was ordered to crawl around serving drinks and massaging any feet that the ladies wanted massaged,so erotic,and a bit difficult with a hard on,after a few hours she lead me back to her room,let me wank til i came and i was told to leave.i loved it all,but wish i had to wank in front of all present,
Comment #14 by OldHabits in response to the main topic
Posted on 30-Dec-21 10:03PM
Two such fantasies: I'm elbow deep in a strangers lingerie drawer and wearing said strangers finest underwear when I'm caught. One thing leads to another and she's doing my hair and makeup before we shag 15 different ways.
The other is while buying new outfits from bras n things, farmers or the bendon shop and the prettiest assistant corners me, forces me to admit that it's for me and not my girlfriend and picks outfits for me. She writes her number on my receipt and invites me over to finish the job.
Comment #15 by SpicyDunkaroo1 in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Jan-22 10:47AM
I like having both my nipples bitten simultaneously while being given a blowjob while others are watching and as a result making me cum with a mighty climax accompanied by loud groaning noises...
Comment #16 by Yoursub in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Jan-22 6:20PM
To be taken hostage with a female by a male both strung up both thinking it would be her that he wanted only for me to be stripped naked and forcefully taken and milked in front of her.

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