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Anyone go to Australia for work regularly?
Discussion - started by Letsenjoyit, posted on 5-Mar-18 6:49PM
Looking for those who travel reg to Australia. Do you know any good websites to find local likeminded people?

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Comment #1 by bazzy in response to the main topic
Posted on 5-Mar-18 9:30PM
Locanto is a good site to use over there
Comment #2 by Letsenjoyit in response to bazzy ( view post )
Posted on 5-Mar-18 11:24PM
Thanks. Will have a look
Comment #3 by countrygirlnz123 in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Mar-18 3:12PM
Red Hot Pie and Locanto worked for me when I went there.
Comment #4 by hotrod1703 in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Mar-18 9:24PM
Locanto has always turned up the goods for me, regardless of the country
Posted on 6-Mar-18 9:55PM
Do red-hot pie and locanto work for you in nz.
Posted on 7-Mar-18 9:16PM
I put them on hold when I got home... I can't keep up with my nzp and nzd messages
Posted on 8-Mar-18 5:14AM
Well that's completely understandable. You are an insatiably sexy lady.
Posted on 8-Mar-18 10:19AM
Hmmm... I'm off to France fir work later this year, any ideas for there?
Posted on 8-Mar-18 5:26PM
Wouldn't have a clue you could try that locanto and red hot pie countrygirlnz spoke about.
Might be worth a shot. Good luck
Posted on 8-Mar-18 7:17PM
My understanding is that Locanto is worldwide, but not so for Red Hot Pie I don't think... could be wrong though
Posted on 8-Mar-18 7:17PM
Haha... thanks Capt
Posted on 9-Mar-18 6:06AM
Your welcome sweetlips
Posted on 9-Mar-18 11:17PM
hey was that cruise on locanto or red hot pie?
Comment #14 by Mavrickk98 in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Mar-18 11:58PM
Meetup app
Posted on 10-Mar-18 8:50AM
Red hot pie advertisement I think. Would you like a partner or is your fifo toyboy taking you.

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