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Reading profiles
Discussion - started by i-call-him-master, posted on 3-Feb-19 11:34AM
Do people actually take the time to read someone's profile before deciding to send them a message?

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Comment #1 by Tattooed in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Feb-19 11:37AM
But they are so fill of words and stuff
Comment #2 by porsche in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Feb-19 12:10PM
Yes and groups , interest give me a clue . Those not complete not interested in much
Comment #3 by robbierabbit in response to Tattooed ( view post )
Posted on 3-Feb-19 12:10PM
But the good ones have pics of jiggly bits
Comment #4 by Cheekies in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Feb-19 12:29PM
Definitely... a well written profile gives me a snapshot into that persons world, if theres no content I don't bother instigating contact, the art of communication is sadly lost in some...
Comment #5 by BraveRay in response to Cheekies ( view post )
Posted on 3-Feb-19 2:22PM
I always read profiles. Like you say...snapshot of someones life. Hope my profile is more than just "Hi. Wanna fuck" kinda profile. I am a genuine person...professional, educated. Self employed, of middle to upper class (without sounding arrogant), well travelled but just a bit stuck in life after a 15 year relationship yes, I can do longer term relationships and I can cook and go shopping and fix things in the house and make my bed every morning and iron...I really dont mind, very eomesticated. Can stand and pee without missing the bowl but have also been trained to sit and pee. Toilet seat always down after ive used the toilet. .
Comment #6 by Cheekies in response to BraveRay ( view post )
Posted on 3-Feb-19 4:14PM
Your profile is written well, clear on your expectation, I hope it works out for you :)
Comment #7 by GoingOnce in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Feb-19 4:16PM
I read them all the time. Sometimes I don't even message because I'm obviously not what they're looking for.
Comment #8 by Thunder_Lightning in response to the main topic
Posted on 3-Feb-19 6:39PM
Apparently there are many who don't. Just deleted yet another friend request because they clearly can't read or simply don't care, and assume the requirements on a persons profile don't apply to them.
Comment #9 by BraveRay in response to Cheekies ( view post )
Posted on 3-Feb-19 10:43PM
Thanks. No luck so far. Wondering whether this site will find me what I am seeking. What I have seen so far....not have my hopes up very high.
Posted on 10-Feb-19 7:11PM
Posted on 10-Feb-19 7:13PM
OMG are you sure you're not female?
I love your attitude!
And well-impressed you can pee both sitting down and standing! That's incredible!
Posted on 10-Feb-19 7:16PM
It may be because you're in the South Island. There are statistics about the lack of females down there, I'm sure.
Maybe also be flexible with your wish list. Sometimes different can equal amazing.
Posted on 10-Feb-19 9:40PM
I believe the last satistics I heard for Christchurch with all the workers here for the rebuild is 5 men for every woman
Posted on 10-Feb-19 10:59PM
With an increase in sexually transmitted disease as well. Correct?
Posted on 11-Feb-19 10:13PM
Yip I always read the profile. A question I would like to ask is if you like a profile how do you chat to someone before trying to friend them do you can chat?
Comment #16 by cosplayer2010 in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Feb-19 10:19PM
Yeah we always give a quick read over. We are a larger couple so it helps us try and figure out if the people we are contacting want to talk to us. Plus there can be info on there that can help break the ice and start a conversation
Posted on 11-Feb-19 10:30PM
Always hard to know what to say when their profile is super bare And you don't want to say "Hey, How's it going?" The struggle is real haha
Comment #18 by G-Man in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Feb-19 10:32PM
Yep I'm a reader of profiles. Need to understand if I think I fit the bill of those Im checking out so not to waste everyone's time. There are some people on here that actually need to re-read their own profiles though . Some of the replies I have had back don't match what the profile says they are seeking
Posted on 11-Feb-19 11:15PM
Yes! I do that too!
Posted on 12-Feb-19 9:32AM
Some profiles are quite sexy and feed the imagination. The fantasy of hooking up is nice.
Comment #21 by doctornock in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Feb-19 11:00AM
Yep, I mostly take time to read profiles before contacting. I don't want to waste time.

It can be frustrating having someone dip out on an email chat without saying, "you're not doing it for me" or similar haha
Posted on 12-Feb-19 6:25PM
We always read the profile too just too get a better idea before contact.
Comment #23 by jascare69bc in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Feb-19 6:35PM
why yes
Posted on 12-Feb-19 8:53PM
Dude! You poked my eye out!!
Comment #25 by jax12 in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Feb-19 8:58PM
Very Important! Must Do! Every time!
Posted on 12-Feb-19 11:16PM
Sit a lil back lady!
Posted on 12-Feb-19 11:49PM
Haha!! There was no warning though! It just happened!
Posted on 12-Feb-19 11:55PM
, you must be on a phone :)
Comment #29 by Wreakingball in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Feb-19 4:31PM
I would say 90% of men don't read profiles. Clearly says in my profile " dont send friend request ", but they still do, " No men older than me " they still message, and asking if I want to meet up, way says not meeting anyone only here to chat. People are just arrogant
Posted on 13-Feb-19 6:23PM
Posted on 13-Feb-19 8:34PM
I get a 50/50 mix really.
I love it when I get a message where they have mentioned something I've said in my profile, or commented on some of my interests. It means a lot.
I mean, I know guys are "visual" beings, but they should also realise that some of us get so many messages in a day, you want to stand out from the crowd.

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