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Discussion - started by jtnz, posted on 9-Sep-23 9:48PM
I love being milked. Everything about it! Being tied feels great. Tied with a raging boner even better. Knowing that someone really wants and is going to play with my raging boner - Mmmmm! Being edged for a good long time is wonderful! That feeling of complete helplessness, ideally not being able to see what is being done to my lusty cock, just feeling every beautiful sensation..... OMG!
Having my balls pulled and played with!
Edged to desperation... YES!!!
Over and over.
Crazy horny and so desperate to spray a load everywhere!
Finally getting jerked off and the euphoria of release.... 🤩
And the stimulation doesn't stop, it's wonderful. Post orgasm torture begins... it's delicious but also agonising. I fight it. Struggling. Naked, helpless, bound, someone's sex toy, it's wonderful and horrible. Mostly wonderful. The ultra-sensitivity subsides and I'm away again. My cock is really getting a workout, I'm loving it.
More please! Lot's more!!!!!
How could I not love everything about it!

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Comment #1 by thirstyboy in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Sep-23 8:39AM
Being milked is certainly a wonderful and erotic thing for me too, only had the ecstatic pleasure once but would love to be milked as you describe.
My experience was - on my hands and knees, milker behind, hands and tongue on my anus, balls and cock, tongue in anus, balls being pulled gently with one hand and cock being pulled by the other hand. I didn't last long before my cum flowed. Nice !
Comment #2 by jtnz in response to thirstyboy ( view post )
Posted on 10-Sep-23 11:15AM
Hands & knees is great. I'd like to have one of those rigs where you can be tied in a hands & knees position and milked like a cow numerous times with no escape!
How about the post orgasm torture where your cock continues being stroked after you cum, it's all way too sensitive but you can't stop your milker doing it to you.....? Have you had that experience?

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