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This is a place for discussing any kind of topic, as long as it complies with our rules. We encourage members to contribute to the topics and have a bit of fun. If you don't like the topics posted in...
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Owned and operated by Mia
Mia's play days for group fun
For anyone who loves milking cocks or having their cock milked by hand or machine, multiple times! Discuss favourite ideas, applicable bondage techniques, edging techniques, use of Viagra, measuring o...
Owned and operated by Majichanz
Hi there Majichands is thinking of coming down to Christchurch in March or April 2025. But I'm needing help... does anyone know of a private room or motel etc I'm also needing to hire a massage tab...
Owned and operated by TSBitch
A group for locals to the Hibiscus Coast
Owned and operated by JohnTheTrucker
For anyone, that Loves Anyone else's, Female or Male's, Beautiful, Skinny, Protruding, Hips and Ribs.

Get Creative!

Get involved!

What's all this guff about?
Each group has a particular theme, we encourage everyone to start up their own group and start adding discussions or events within their group.

You can make your group as private as you like, and you can restrict who can join your group. You can even make your mates "managers" of your group.

It's a great way of creating your own clique on NZP or just to have a few laughs.

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