Men Who's Priority Is Satisfying The Lady's Needs First.
Is it very important to you that you take the time to talk about what the women requires, needs, craves and desires in order to feel completely satisfied sexually and then make that your priority to accomplish before you worry about your own needs and if it becomes on going with that person, find out about her fantasies and try to make as many of them a reality for her.

How many guys out there is this something that is important for you to do with each women you have a sexual encounter or relationship with?

Im curious as I have not come across any that will go that far and as this is something that has become very important to me lately, I have decided not to be shy and keep silent about this anymore. My needs are just as important as the needs of the person I am with and I would like mine meet from now on or I would rather not bother to have sex if I am not going to get anything out of it. I am getting bolder with age I think haha.

I believe guys would be shocked at how different women would be sexually if only their needs and desires were being for filled to enable them to enjoy orgasms again instead of faking them. The men would benefit from it as much as the women would so its a win win situation for both it only requires communication, listening and caring about the other person feeling satisfied as well as yourself and sexually it has to be the women first in order for this to happen.

I would really love to see so much more talk about this topic among men and women because being a women myself I know there is so many of us who keep quite about what we want so remain unsatisfied, having to fake orgasms rather than experience the amazing feeling of having one. Which eventually just puts them off having sex because they get nothing out of it, which is really sad.

Such a shame because there would be so many couples out there having so much great sex if only we could all overcome our shyness and fear of speaking up and talking about what we need and want sexually from each other as well as listen to what the other person is asking for and needing from you.

Interested in what others have to say on this subject. A great subject for both sexes to get involved with.
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