Wellington Nude Beach Users (Breaker Bay & Peka Peka)
I took over this group a wee while back when ownership became vacant after the former owner deleted their NZP profile.

The group is for posting anything relevant to visiting or asking for information about Wellington nude beaches, Breaker Bay and Peka Peka mostly and for networking or organising things with other interested people.

I go to Breaker Bay most summers and although a lot of people go there for meetups, exhibitionism, voyeurism, playing with other peoples dicks, playing with their own dicks etc I just go there to soak up the sun and maybe secretly enjoy admiring the odd chubby girl on the beach enjoying herself in the nuddy but don't really care what others are up to so long as they aren't bothering me or anyone else or doing anything too dodgy or offensive in public view, hidden away in the bushes or sand dunes out of view is the place for that.

Enjoy and have fun without your clothes and make sure you cover all the bits with sunblock.
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