It's on the Bucket List
Sometimes it is easy to think that what's on your bucket list is too "dirty" or "kinky" but is it?

The purpose of a bucket list is really for those things that you might only ever try the once, and it may be something that you could not comfortably raise with your other half.

I know that this is the case with some of mine.

So I decided that I should start a group where people can discuss what's on their bucket lists, and/or get inspiration from other peoples bucket lists.

Maybe you might find someone that can help you live out one of the things on your list too. Wouldn't that be perfect.... finding someone that could help you start ticking off some of those things that maybe a little "dirty" or "kinky" but are things that you would love to try.

* So please share your wishes - explain what you would love to try.
* And please comment on others wishes - give ideas etc and especially if it's something that you have had experience in.
* Then offer to help if it's something that you think would be fun too.

Nothing here would be considered too "dirty" or "kinky" and as we know everyone has different boundaries.
We will need to keep within all legal boundaries.
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