OK..... we have done this with much success in the past and a great night by all. We don't like to pre arrange meetings, preferring to simply meet new people, flirt, feel the nervous and excited energy and connect if things feel right at the end of a great night. That way there is no real disappointment if things don't progress to a bedroom. Interested in males, females (as singles) or couples. Very open, honest, respectful and DESCRETE (and we expect the same values as we expect you all do). Typically we tend to end up at Red 16 on a Saturday night around 9:30pm - 10:30pm and we would like to encourage other like minded people to frequent Rhythm and Brown (New St. Nelson City)..... find us and you may have the best night ever. Don't be shy, that's all very boring! Fun for all knowing that within the bar there is a group of like minded people seeking, flirting. Trust us.... loads of fun.
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