SILVERADO SWINGERS CLUB LEVINformally of Upper Hutt is an exclusive adult club,
We have grown from small beginnings to a upmarket adult club, which we are very proud of.10 years plus now!
We have many different events throughout the year, but the main core of our club is providing a safe, clean and discreet premises for swingers events.
We are located in a discreet location in Levin , away from the city.
We have members and visitors come from all over New Zealand and overseas.

We welcome all new comers to our club.
Our swingers events: Are for couples aged 25 upwards, regardless of your shape, size or nationally. Most of our couples that come are aged from 30-70 and are wonderful friendly people.
You don't have to play at our club as it's very social as well as sexual. We have a bar/lounge area that is a safe zone.

What our club provides
3 Playrooms
1 Orgy room
Sex Swing
Condoms Provided (Safe Sex Is Always Practiced)
Shower facilities
Bar with great range of beverages at very reasonable prices
Large Lounge/Entertainment Area
100 inch screen
Music (middle of the range music played)
Strippers pole (for the adventurous)
Light Supper provided.
Very friendly, warm atmosphere
Some off street parking
Accommodation (at a small charge)
Sober Driver (cheaper then a taxi)

Events included are: Swingers Events, Halloween Party, "Boys Night Out" female stripper revue, X-Factor Boys male strip revue, CD & Trannie Party, Sex Parties, Theme Swingers Events.....

Common Questions Asked:
Q: What should we wear?
A: Dress to impress, is what we say.. Like if you were going out for the evening to a club or a bar.
Q: Do people run round naked in the bar area?
A: We do provide towels for people to wrap around themselves when they are going from room to room.
Q: Is there a door charge
A: Yes there is a door charge, when you have made contact with us, we will let you know the cost for that event.
Q: At swingers events is there single men or single women at the swingers events?
A: We do allow a percentage of single men into a swingers event, depending on how many couples or single ladies we have coming, eg: if we had 20 couples and 2 single ladies coming, we would generally let in 3 single men. (These men are known to our club and will be invited to an event only) as for single ladies, we generally have no restrictions on how many will come.
Q: We are a new couple and very nervous, are people going to be pushy?
A: Simple answer NO, We will show you around our club when you come in and we will introduce you to some of our regulars. They will not pressure you into anything you don't want to do. We have strict rules on anyone being pressured... Also there are always new couples coming to events so you won't be the only ones.
Q: Does swinging wreck relationships?
A: What we suggest with our 10 years of experience is: Before coming to a swingers event, always make rules that you and your partner will abide by eg:we only play together, not seperately.
Take it slow the first time, you both might not wish to play the first time which is fine.
Always keep communication going throughout the evening.
Always understand and respect your partners feelings that may come up in an event.
After an event it is important to reconnect as a couple afterwards. (this is just brief info, feel free to ring us and discuss any further problems or fears you both may have)
Q: How do we come to an event?
A: Make contact with us by mailing us, if we have invited you to an event, click accept. or you can ring us on 027 528 3506. Check out our website and fill out a contact form
Q: Im a single guy, can I come to your events?
A: Yes, but pre-booking several dsays in advance is essential.

Any other questions feel free to contact us
Cheers, Colin& Heather

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