What does the "ID Verified" emblem mean?

This means that the member has provided sufficient proof of identity (in the form of a legal photo ID, such as a driver licence or passport) that matches with their private photos. The member has signed the submission stating that the documentation that they have provided to NZPersonals is a true and correct copy of his or her current age & identity. This documentation may occasionally be reviewed by NZPersonals and verification may be revoked if any unusual changes of identity are detected.

Please note: This does not guarantee 100% that the member is who they claim to be. However, we are satisfied with the documentation that has been submitted to us by the member and that member is liable for prosecution as a result of submitting false or misleading documentation to NZPersonals.

Our policy on privacy: We will not share any part of the documentation with any individual or organisation. No other members will see your personal details nor will they be able to view your photo ID, these details are held only for reference purposes. Photo IDs and details submitted by members are not stored on the NZPersonals website, this means that nobody (not even you) will be able to view your submission at any time.

NZPersonals to complies with codes of practice, as per the Privacy Commission's guidelines.

Also note that sex workers are required to supply sufficient ID as proof of age prior to advertising on NZPersonals. This ensures that all sex workers are New Zealand Citizens, and 18 years of age or older.

If you would like to have an ID verified emblem on your profile, then click here

Most frequently asked questions

  • Why hasn't my ID been processed?
  • Answer: You might not have completed your submission fully. Click here to check on the status of your submission.
  • What happens after you have reviewed & approved my ID?
  • Answer: An ID-verified emblem will be added to your profile which will indicate to other members that you are genuine
  • Can I view or alter my ID after it has been reviewed?
  • Answer: Due to the sensitive matter of keeping private information secure, your submission will not be accessible after review.
    However, you may contact us to request a change or deletion of your ID, we may ask you some security questions first (just to confirm that you are the ID holder)
  • I don't have any ID, what can I do?
  • Answer: You can apply to get a copy of your birth certificate from the Dept of Internal Affairs ( www.dia.govt.nz ) then once you have received your certificate, approach a local Justice of the Peace (J.P) to sign and stamp that they have identified you as the person on the birth certificate. You can then submit this signed certificate for us for review.
  • Can I submit my birth certificate?
  • Answer: Only if it has been signed and stamped by a notary public (such as a J.P)
  • How long does it take for my ID to be verified?
  • Answer: If your submission was filled out correctly, it should take less than 12 hours (normally)
  • Will other members see my ID?
  • Answer: No. Never.
  • Can I blank out any parts of my Photo ID?
  • Answer: Yes, as long as your photo, name, date of birth, and the ID's expiry date are visible or readable.
  • How safe will my ID be?
  • Answer: Very safe, your ID and the details submitted will not be accessible to anyone except the NZPersonals administrator (for internal review and reference purposes only)


Sex workers

  • I have Gold membership, what will happen if I can't submit an ID?
  • Answer: We respect that you are currently a gold member and in fairness, we will allow you to continue using NZPersonals as normal until the subscription expires. After which, we will need to see your ID before allowing renewals.
  • Will you be sharing my ID or details with the Police or the Inland Revenue Dept?
  • Answer: No, we won't share your ID or details with any individual or organisation. We respect your privacy.
  • I'm registered with the police, can I submit this document as my ID?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • I'm a certified brothel owner, can I submit this certificate instead of my sex worker's personal ID?
  • Answer: Yes, because the onus is yours to ensure that your worker complies with regulations & bylaws.

Other tips

  • If you're still a little reluctant to submit your ID, you could take a snapshot of yourself holding your ID, and submit that as your Photo ID. As long as the photo is clear enough for us to read the details on your ID
  • Alternatively, you may send a photocopy of your ID to our PO Box, but please ensure that you write your login name on the back of the photocopy. Contact us for the PO Box Address.

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