How do I create my own activity?

Go to the main activity page and click on "create your own activity".

Step 1. You must read the rules and agree to them.

Step 2. Choose which listing you want to put your activity in.

Step 3. Choose your activity mode.

Step 4. Enter location details (optional) - does not apply to "Basic" Mode activities.

Step 5. Enter all other details about your activity.

Step 6. Finished.


How do I invite people to my activity?

Go into view a person's profile, and you will notice a 'Send Invitation' box (below the subscriber's details).  Click on the link 'Invite person to my ... activity' to send your invitation.

Note: you cannot send an invitation to the same person twice.


What is the "Review List" about?

If you are running a "Review" Mode activity, anyone that clicks the [count me in] button will be temporarily placed in the review list.  They will be effectively in limbo until you get around to reviewing them. You are obligated to either approve or remove the people in the review list.  People that you approve will be placed in the "Attending" list and will see the hidden location details.  People that you remove will not be able to join again nor see the hidden location details.

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