Frequently Asked Questions

Question. I haven't received my confirmation email, what do I do?
Answer. Check that NZPersonals' email isn't ending up in your "spam" or "trash" folder.

ATTENTION HOTMAIL AND YAHOO USERS!! Hotmail and Yahoo are both very unreliable services - we cannot guarantee that you will receive any of our emails.  If you fail to receive our emails, try opening an email account with (this is Google's email solution and is more reliable) - then click here to let us know what your new email address is.

If you insist on sticking with hotmail or yahoo, make sure you haven't restricted (too much) who can email you.  Hotmail has a feature that blocks emails from people who are not on your contacts list.  This will probably result in our emails not getting to you.

Question. I can't join up... it says this service is not available outside New Zealand
Answer. We guarantee to our members that NZPersonals is
  1. Spam free; and
  2. Scam free; and
  3. Free of cons

Most of the spammers, scammers, and cons that have joined NZPersonals in the past have been traced to foreign addresses; because of this, we have decided to restrict this site to New Zealand residents only.

If you are living overseas and are intending to visit NZ, then you'll have to join up when you arrive in our country. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you are a kiwi living overseas, then you'll have to call us - we will provide you with external access only if you have a kiwi accent.  Contact us for a phone number.

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