Problems with fee payments

The following applies to those who have paid by direct credit or cash deposit.

Have you paid but haven't received a receipt of payment from us?

The most common reasons for this are...

  • You didn't provide the reference number with your payment; or

  • You provided the wrong reference number with your payment; or

  • You made your payment to the wrong bank account number; or

  • If you received notice that your payment was received but nothing has changed,
    then you need to log off and log in again for the changes to take effect.

  • The bank may take upto 3 working days to process your payment.  
    Note: holidays and weekend days are not counted as working days

It is very important that you thoroughly read everything to do with the fee payment
process and also read the receipts which are posted to you.  The information that we provide 
you with are not suggestions, they are instructions.

If you feel that something has gone wrong, check your bank statements to make sure
the payment went through (if you paid via Internet banking).

We rarely miss a fee payment, but if you feel that it should have gone through by now,
let us know and we'll look into it.  Please provide us with the following details: (1) Date & time
of payment,  (2) method of payment (e.g. I deposited cash into your account at my local ASB
branch), and (3) how much you paid.
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