Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Why do my photos have to be reviewed by admin before I can use them?
Answer. When we discover that you've knowingly/unknowingly broken our photo publication rules, we will flag you as a "rule breaker" and will review each of your photos before they are visible to other subscribers.

You will also lose the ability to transfer photos from your private gallery to your public gallery.

We no longer send warnings about breaking our photo publication rules because our warnings are usually ignored.  You will just be silently flagged as a "rule breaker".

We will review your photos silently and we may take our time to process each photo.
i.e. we won't give you the consideration of sending you an email about it because you haven't shown us the consideration of reading (and following) our rules.  We have tried everything we can to warn people against publishing certain material, but it doesn't seem to be getting through to some.


Question. Why is there a limit on the number of photos that can be uploaded?
Answer. Because too many people upload the same photo over and over again.
The limit has been put in place to make them aware of their mistakes.

Limits on regular accounts: 5 photos can be uploaded

Limits on full subscriber accounts: 100 photos can be uploaded


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