All you need to know about publishing pictures.

All photos must comply with all three of the following points (without exceptions):

  1. Consider the law when publishing pictures (very important) 
    Obscene material will not be permitted. Definition of "obscene" - in a nutshell, it's pictures showing extreme humiliation, children, animal sex, torture, or turd play. 
    >> Read the obscene publications act for a more formal description. 
  2. Consider the national & international copyright laws when publish pictures. (this affects Kiwis too) 
    Almost every photo on the Internet, in magazines or papers, or on TV/movies/DVDs are protected by copyright law. If you use pictures obtained from the Internet, or scanned from magazines, papers, TV, DVD or other sources, you are breaking the law. Only attach pictures of yourself or photos that you have shot yourself. 
  3. Permission Issues - why have the rule "pictures must feature you" ?  
    If your picture features someone else and they haven't given their permission for you to publish the image, then that person has the right to sue you.  We are required by law to pass your details to the police if they request it, so don't rely on us to protect you if you do naughty stuff like that.

    If you are female, male, or a transgendered subscriber, these points apply to you...

    • If your photo contains any nudity (such as breast, chest, genital, anus) or is erotic in nature or has any kind of sexual theme; these photos must not show anyone else's face except your own. In other words, it is ok to show others in your photo only if it is a "G-Rated" picture.
    • You may show yourself posing on your own clothed or naked, and you may publish photos of yourself in a sexual act with another person (or people) - but remember the rules: (1) no obscene material, (2) no using other people's work, and (3) no faces of other people. 
    • Photos show another person and does not feature you at all (even if it doesn't show their face) will not be permitted. 

    If you are a couple or a group subscriber, these points apply to you...

    • Photos must only be of you and your partner/group. You must be able to provide consent to the publication of this material in writing (signed and dated by all who feature in your photos) if it is requested by the site administrators.



If you are still confused, read the following...
The rules are clear: only the person (or people) who are actively using this website can publicly post
their photo. Whether permission is given or not, the face (in part or whole) of a third party who is not
in a partnership with you (and your profile) may not be published.
It sounds complicated, but it is really quite simple...
Couples may only show their own faces (in explicit/erotic photos). Men, women, and transgendered may
only show their own faces (in explicit/erotic photos), and groups are a special case (sometimes requiring a case
by case enquiry).
You may publish any other body part of a friend; as long as you and/or your partner feature in that photo.
Photos of him or her without you in that photo will not be permitted.
With non explicit photos (where there is no nudity), anything can be published except copyright photos or photos of children.
Note: You may show other people's faces in photos within your private gallery only.

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