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likeavirgin (Creighton)
Auckland City, Auckland Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Auckland City

This member supports safe sex
Straight Male, 46 (Single)
Interested in hearing from Women
Anything/everything ()


Newmarket, Loves Companionship, Sapiosexual 04/04

| Basic truths |

Would you consider a shy Asperger's guy with savant knowledge [My primary diagnosis 3x]? I am 6'2" and use to lift weights, still baring on average for weight training. I can also give you knowledge so rare that national securities want it.
Note I am growing my hair back over the next 3-5 weeks.

+------------------ --+
| Grammerly Standard |

[Hair currently short but growing back]

How to write a dating profile bio: 5 steps
1 Think about what you want in a partner.

What kind of people do you want to date? Able to get to newmarket Over 18
What are their interests? Computers, Internet, Cars,
How do you want to spend your time together? Usually around Newmarket or go out with them
Do you want to match with someone who prefers to go out dancing or to stay in and watch a movie? Stay and wtach a movie
Likewise, decide what kind of relationship you want. Casual or serious? Without labels or clearly defined? Open to options

2 Think about what you have to offer in a relationship.
Dating is a two-way street (or a three- or four-way street, if that’s your thing), which means it’s as much about you as the other person.
What can you give to your partner? Love, Intellectual Support, Knowledge support beyond normal.
What are your most attractive features? Intelligence, but you can add 10-20 points easy with hardly any effort with the right resources.
3 Mention your strengths and what you're looking for.
After enough reflection, you’re ready to write your dating profile. The two main guidelines to remember are:

Keep it short.
Mention your best qualities.

Rare Knowledge, Physically 6'2"
4 Revise your draft.
Trying to.
5 Collect 5 photos.
Find attached

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| My Advert Standard |

[Hair currently short but growing back]

1.1 Hob

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