Takemenow's interests
Takemenow (Chanel & TakemenowTess)
Rotorua, Bay of Plenty Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Rotorua
Pansexual Female 35 & Pansexual Transgendered 41 (Dom/sub Relationship)
Interested in hearing from Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Keeping our options open ()


good december to you all
we have decided to visit rotorua once again
and have opened our hearts n holes for thus occasion
we will be in a central motel from 11/12/18 til 13/12/18
cum play and pay xxxx
my cum sluts arse and mouth will be open
or make him watch me his owner moan and gag on your cock
either way a filthy fun time will b had

First time fun as a xdressing slut
Wanting to be a filthy whore for you
MAKE ME YOUR COCK SUCKING WENCH or fuck my mistress and abuse me while I watch whatever your pleasure we will endeavor to empty your sacks
Call now

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