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Stessa's interests
Stessa (A Male)
New Zealand ()
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Location: New Zealand
Male, 65 (It's complicated)
Interested in hearing from Women
Just sex, nothing more (i am open to possibly meeting)

Experimenting Westport

Yes, I am older and I want to flip the M-F script--I want to be your sub bottom. Hopefully you really want to borrow me! Behind the encounter and behind the bedroom door, my maturity starts to melt away. The more she melts the typical gender roles to satisfy her own intimate pleasures, the more she heats my interests.

My time is sporatically limited but I'm open to investigating availability.

Hopefully you are a female West Coaster, over 50 that knows what you like in the bedroom. Additionally, I hope you enjoy the idea of experimenting with some of the following: role reversals, power exchanges, mild femdom, cfnm, lingerie, feminization, pegging, toys and cock cages.

If admitting these interests to someone you might possibly meet someday is a situation that makes you think twice about progressing, you ARE the someone I want to correspond with. I can keep my mouth shut! I am willing to offer discretion and hope that you can also appreciate the need for small-town secrets.

If you want to experiment and/or liberate yourself with these sorts of interests, you know how to begin our secret. Your remaining questions, of course, have to be answered first. So, I guess, I'll have to await your first query...

Whatyou want?

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