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Alexandra, Otago Region, New Zealand ()
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Bisexual Male, 51 (Open Relationship)
Interested in hearing from Men, Couples
Just sex, nothing more (i will meet anyone in person)

Discreet fun...

Alexandra. Work erratic hours, so can get away at random times. Note: I am the keeper of secrets, I expect the same from those I meet. But still - discretion essential!

My tale of woe is that my fantastic partner isn't interested in sex anymore <aaaargh!> but is comfortable for me to discreetly get my rocks off. I am a qualified Chef although I found other things to interest me. But, I cook like a dream and humble about the fact. Note please that I can't play at home, but love an outdoor meet.

I've got a poncy English accent - sorry. Can't help it. But my sense of humour makes up for that failing.

Not into effeminate. Guys who make stuff, break stuff, chop down trees and do it in the open turn me on. Ladies are .... well ... ladies. Feminine, smell nice, look good and know how to use their talents.

Prefer to meet for a drink to start with, to get an initial gauge, but have been known to forego this for sheer bodily pleasures....

At this point of reading, listen up: If a 'meet' is set up, will never, EVER not pitch or not notify without a v.e.r.y good excuse. Don't pitch for me and you're dead in the water and above all, please don't be booooring.

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