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Sensualsensation (Michelle)
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Region, New Zealand ()
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Location: Tauranga
Bisexual Female, 49 (Open Relationship)
Interested in hearing from Men, Women
Friendship and/or sex (i am open to possibly meeting)

Fun times to be had

Hmmm about me well that is always a hard one isn't it
I'm one of those sensual kinda girls that loves giving massages and using different sensations to awaken the body so it can feel every little breath or touch I make. Love pleasuring the person that I am with and finding out where all their triggers are so I can take them over the edge and maybe beyond if I so feel like allowing them hehehehe Yes I am also one of those girls that doesn't do what she is told and likes to be in control.

Bi Males..... you would need to be local and have a place to play along with been submissive and into bdsm.

As I am looking to do certain things which may not be everyone's cuppa tea.

Bi Female.... Always looking for a bit of fun.

I do not except friends request from people that don't bother to send and email.

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