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MorphMe (Kian)
Hamilton City, Waikato Region, New Zealand ()
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Location: Hamilton City
Bisexual Female, 35 to 44 age group (Single)
Interested in hearing from Men, Women
Just sex, nothing more (i am prepared to meet the right person (or people))

Newly single

So being single after many years is actually really weird. Just looking for some fun, certainly not looking to get tied down again - have decided boys are dumb (but clearly have their uses ) And just for upfront clarity, I like a bit of girth and ummmm lots of enthusiasm for the job I guess you can call it. I'm intelligent and have a good sense of humour, perhaps I'm a little (lot) sarcastic as well. Anyway, hit me up and we'll see where things go...
Bi-curious men need not apply thanks

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