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Bisexual Female, 49 (Divorced)
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48 yr old Divorced Female

Well, I came here for sexual fun and I have not been disappointed. I was missing the female touch, but not any more! I am very bisexual, and now on my own, so being very presentable and looking really sexy, I especially love being naked. My longish brown hair cascades over my shoulders and down below nipple level. My tits are are a delight, full and surprisingly firm (at my age), the nipples are electric to touch, I am not a "fattie", just the normal for my age, and my pussy is a sexual delight. Totally bald, very neat, and a clit that explodes into multiple orgasms, very juicy. So anyone out there thats interested in this sexual woman, let me know. Only attractive women please, as I am!!
I would love to contact a lactating female, yum!
UPDATE..Met some wonderfully attractive women here, and I have had some full on encounters, and loved it!! Also met some dreamers too, not so good. Seems like the younger ladies have a liking or is that licking for experience, and maturity. May the good times continue. PS. Had too many offers of threesomes, you would need to be an exceptional couple to get me now.
UPDATE..The male partner referred to is no longer in my life thank goodness. I am footloose and fancy free to pursue whatever tickles my pussy. Hopefully lots of female tongues!

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