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Hi,I would describe myself as adventurous and fun loving, some of my friends refer to me as a freak, but in a good way, not in a 3 eyes or has a 6 foot rubber chicken fetish. not that theirs anything wrong with having 3 eyes or a 6 foot rubber chicken fetish. And no ladies as much as I'd like to and some times it would xbe handy, I can't breath through my ears. I believe a lot of the time people are either positive/negative, happy/sad, glass half full/glass half empty, giving/receiving. I like to think I fall into the category of the first ones. I think our actions and what we say to people can have a huge affect on their day, so be nice and keep smiling. I'm not hoping for to much from this site as long as the other person has had an enjoyable time I'll take it as a win. Rather than say what I'm looking for the things I dislike are being lied to, smokers (sorry) and those who are intolerant to others especial those less fortunate than ourselves... If you are one of those genuine people out there I don't mean to scare you but be aware that not all is as it seams, some of my replies where not even from people who were the same sex as there profile says. if this sounds like you then FUCK OFF don't even reply !!!! .

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