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fullmoonrising (Fi)
Kerikeri, Northland Region, New Zealand ()
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Location: Kerikeri
Bisexual Female, 52 (Single)
Interested in hearing from Women
Keeping my options open (i am open to possibly meeting)

3 strikes and Im out

Hell oh

If your after some fun, then I'm the one
No strings attached, not perfectly matched

Sum1 athletic or slim infact,round my age with body intact. Nothing stunning but beauty inside, not someone I have to put away and hide

If some of this resonates with you, might I suggest what I think you should do

Send me a message or get in touch, cause I am a person who's just 'too much'

Dont mind travelling to meet and in Auckland often.
Oh too Dubl won sick Dubl sev nyn tree fyv


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