Emanon2000's interests
Emanon2000 (Paul)
Hamilton City, Waikato Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Hamilton City
Straight Male, 44 (Single)
Interested in hearing from Women
Anything/everything (i am prepared to meet the right person (or people))

Just looking at this stage.

Hi there,
I'm looking to meet someone who is fun, relaxed and spontaneous. I would like to find someone with whom I can maintain that exciting feeling you get at the start of the relationship. I've seen it fade too often in relationships (others and my own), I'd really like to see it proven that it can be done. If you're someone who enjoys that feeling when you're about about to meet up and can't wait to get there, then flick me an email. I have a big bag of tricks and would like to see if we can keep that going every time we meet. I'm happy to provide more details about myself to anyone who appears genuine.

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