circa1970's interests
circa1970 (Circa)
North Shore City, Auckland Region, New Zealand ()
Location: North Shore City
Straight Male, 49 (Single)
Interested in hearing from Women
Keeping my options open (i am open to possibly meeting)

Reasonably Inappropriate....

Am inappropriately wanting a girl to get high(clouds) with and to do playing, for me to have my way with.

Wanting to meet with a girl/woman willing to engage in sensual sexual activities as am wanting. Some submissiveness;a girl who will be a slut for me. Yes I will want you suck me, yes I will want you to suck slowly and deeply, more sucking, yes variety of positions.......yes to some tying of hands......Yes to my stimulating you and yes to you letting me ........yes to penetration yes to not penetrating....yes to some letting anal play....yes mostly to letting me have my way with you and yes for you what I want.

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