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Tittyphucker (Phil)
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Location: Auckland City
Straight Male, 40 (It's complicated)
Interested in hearing from Women
Keeping my options open (i am open to possibly meeting)

lets get twisted as and have some fun

Looking for: a likeminded woman with curves; any ethnicity - seriously, I am just a laid back, kiwi guy who absolutely loves bigger girls, like in the sense I basically find irresistable...so, it doesn't matter even if you're 70+, ....basically, if you have got nice big breasts or a big round bum, I would love to ask for your help if I may...?

If you're reading on still, and in two minds, I'm also happy to just offer a massage if sex isn't quite desired at the time...I am genuinely good at giving shoulder and back massages, so if you want just that I can help, obligation free - though my thoughts may wander whilst I go about my work, hands will not ...unless requested to do so ;)

Am not long out of a long term relationship and I need to be liberated + enjoy a naughty slice of life for a bit ;)

(TBH - I love big curvy girls, love big breasts, big asses - BUT, that being said - All shapes, ethnicity or sizes etc are welcome!!
Women big or small, just searching for a regular fuck buddy. -

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