Tittyphucker's interests
Tittyphucker (Phil)
Auckland City, Auckland Region, New Zealand ()
Location: Auckland City
Straight Male, 40 (It's complicated)
Interested in hearing from Women
Keeping my options open (i am open to possibly meeting)

lets get twisted as and have some fun

Wanting to find a woman who is keen to enjoy a laid back kiwi fullas comp[any, really enjoy getting high and having sex, so if you've a mind to get high - I can assist, all Im wanting is the company of a likem,inded woman, any shape or size or colour, all that matters to me is that you want to have some fun and are happy to suck and fuck the day away.. Especially would love to find a likeminded BBW woman, as I definitely love big as natural titties, and big asses...curvier the better :)

Am not long out of a long term relationship and I need to be liberated + enjoy a naughty slice of life for a bit ;) so am not a weird, creepy c**t - just really need a blowout at this point, and ideally wanna have a good time and fuck away the stress and troubles

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