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Straight Male, 60 (Married)
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Just sex, nothing more (i am prepared to meet the right person (or people))

Adventure on the high seas me hearties. Arrh!!!

I would call myself a gentleman pirate. More gentleman really but I have a few pirate voyages to my name.

I still have my manners and like to treat others well. I haven't made anyone walk the plank in ages!

The "spark" still smolders deep within and I am seeking a kindred soul or couple to play with fire a little.

I'd prefer people around or approaching my age. But...if you feel kinda kinky about a fit older guy and think you can keep up drop me a note. I don't bite. Well, not unless asked anyway.

I have been on the planet long enough to learn a few things and I am told that I am quite useful in the bedroom. Not too old to learn though. I can also hold a descent conversation.

Larger or older ladies very welcome.

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