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scorpiochickie13 (lisa)
Dunedin City, Otago Region, New Zealand ()
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Location: Dunedin City
Female, in her 40's (Single)
Interested in hearing from Men
Relationship and/or sex (i am unsure about meeting at this stage)

where to next?

Just looking see who is around. Not looking for sex. seems i need to really say this. Not sure about meeting anyone so please don't be pushy. To those who want to waste time messaging to tell me that this is a sex site might want to check that it is a networking and dating site. I don't see sex in the title but hey i don't care your time wasted. Lots of people are looking for sex all good but not into taking everyone who asks me up on the offer. I would never have time to work. Don't try to add me as a friend if u haven't even bothered to say hi.

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