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Bliss (DT & PW)
South Island Area, New Zealand ()
Location: South Island Area

This member supports safe sex
Straight Male 35 to 44 age group & Straight Female 35 to 44 age group (Married)
Interested in hearing from Men
Keeping our options open (we are prepared to meet the right person (or people))

Seeking literate male

We are a clean healthy couple, looking for some uncomplicated fun. An educated, civilised male is ideally who we are looking for. They must be respectful above all. Would prefer no bogans, however if you are a polite well mannered bogan we may be interested.
Apologies if we do not reply, we travel a lot.
Straight males only please and NO married men! Not after a cuckold scenario. Just enjoy hetero threesomes.

We would love to see a photo of you, if you are not keen on a face shot then maybe just your body, NO cock shot thanks....we have been sent so many, they are all starting to look the same.

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