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Western Australia Area, 36, Straight Male
35 yrs old Straight Single Male - Dominant mature ladies 40+ who know how to fuck
Western Australia Area, 61, Straight Male
Seeking very submissive bi female long term - I'm seeking someone genuine, trustworthy and loyal as I am. If you enjoy a new male partner regularly, forget about this profile. A sense of humour and a love of laughter, is a must too . I have a
Western Australia Area, 32, Straight Male
Like-minded are you up for it?😂 - Should have could have would why not were all here for the same reason..only genuine people who are interested in meeting up for some naughty fun together.. ofcorse when suits both or all in
Western Australia Area, 44, Straight Male
42 yrs old Straight It's complicated Male - Hello, Just looking to chat with some nice ladies
Western Australia Area, 30, Straight Male
28 yrs old Straight Single Male - Hi just looking for anything really - travelling to NZ soon
Western Australia Area, 46, Straight Male
KiaOra - Will come back to full this up or leave it to be discussed on first meeting.
Western Australia Area, 55, Straight Male
Fun times - On here for fun times game of pool, meal few drinks ,see what that leads to .
Australia, 31, Gay Male
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