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Canterbury Region, 57, Bisexual , CD Transgendered
Looking for those who have escaped the box - I am a masculine male in my everyday life, you will find me in steel caps working on machinery, stages & trucks. I also have a fem-me side that I like to indulge from time to time and believe in bein
Canterbury Region, 64, Bi-curious Transgendered
mikeyla - Sorry but currently not playing, back soon. I am a fun loving cross dresser, out to self but not to public. I love lingerie, girly clothing, caressing, and I am prepared to meet very discretely for
Canterbury Region, 35 to 44 age group, Bi-curious , CD Transgendered
Bi-curious Transgendered - Looking for cross dressing fun with like minded people who are in to the same, its more about dressing and hanging out being femm than sex...
Banks Peninsula, 49, , CD Transgendered
Trans Looking hung doms - I'm a CD/tg sissy. Love dressing slutty lingerie make up heels. I was meant to woman just in the wrong body. I have a nice butt and a smooth and curvy body l totally like looking like a sexy woman as
New Zealand, 42, Gay Transgendered
No longer looking - Sorry no longer looking... 😅
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