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Invercargill, 58, Straight Transgendered
me - im a good looking girl I love doing my hair and make up beening a girl im looking for a friends a hair dresser loving girls what is a girls we need to chat I look about 42 . im on hrt so
Invercargill, 34, Bisexual Transgendered
On hiatus - Not horny atm so dont expect a reply
Invercargill, 50, Bisexual Transgendered
Hi everyone - I am open and do enjoy embracing my and other's kinks as everyone likes to feel good and deserves it too and I must admit I do love giving blowjobs and all guys deserve to have their cocks sucked reg
Invercargill, , Gay Transgendered
tgirl for fun - looking for fun
Te Anau, 64, Bisexual , CD Transgendered
58 yrs old Bisexual Attached Transgendered - Looking for a motor biker to go to rallys with maybe some fun times
Invercargill, 37, Bi-curious Transgendered
New Zealand, 41, Gay Transgendered
No longer looking - Sorry no longer looking... 😅
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