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Auckland City, in their 40's, Bisexual , FTM TS Transgendered
Bring on the holidays! - just looking around to see if there are any open minded folks out there
Christchurch City, 37, Bisexual , FTM TS Transgendered
Experience something a lil taboo - Ftm (female to male) sex worker & escort available for intimate adult x rated fun as well as companionship if necessary. Clean sex in all ways. Friendly, professional, private, in house , discrete &
Auckland City, , Homoflexible , FTM TS Transgendered
Insert in me - I'm a guy with a vagina. Seeking play time with open minded people. Men, women, trans, group, couples, all ages... Totally open minded and open to suggestions. I have a kink for photo and video col
Christchurch City, 18 to 24 age group, Bisexual , FTM TS Transgendered
FTM trans boy for your use - I can dress to your taste - feminine or masculine, or a bit of both, but please keep in mind I have been on hormone replacement therapy for 5 years - meaning I do look and sound like a man at this po
Christchurch City, , Bisexual , FTM TS Transgendered
Ftm looking for casual sex - Hi I'm ftm trans looking for casual sex with hung guy.
Christchurch City, 25 to 34 age group, , FTM TS Transgendered
21 yrs old Pansexual Single Transgendered - Ftm transgender, open to anything
West Coast Region, 53, Straight , FTM TS Transgendered
43 yrs old Straight It's complicated Male - Looking for some good times.
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