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Invercargill, 44, Gay Male Seeking Men
who likes a very very tight ass - I want fun
Invercargill, 26, Gay Male Seeking Men, Couples
Keen for fun - Keen for fun and chats with any willing guys.
Invercargill, 36, Gay Male Seeking Men
Southland Region, 65, Gay Male Seeking Men
Middle years with GSOH - Really keen to chat with other guys from smalltown NZ especially from the Southland I'm in a LTR with Tony and are interested in meeting and sharing social activities with guys of any age. Maybe we
Invercargill, 36, Gay Male Seeking Men
Invercargill, 18 to 24 age group, Gay Male Seeking Men, Couples
Company ? - Hey !! I am a young man ( twink) , totally new to this ! I study in healthcare so I have a lot of confidence , I don't have a specific range of clients and always have a open minded and respect for
Invercargill, 22, Gay Male Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Invercargill, 36, Gay Male Seeking Men
Virgin - Hey guys im a virgin any guys keen in having me as there bitch Looking for guys under 35,keen to well uses me,im prepared to suck a group of guys of,who are keen to take me some where undress me f



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