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Otago Region, 51, Straight Female Seeking Men, Women, Couples
Living life to the fullest ..... Always good with friends - I'm looking for friends and prefer real, not fake or time wasters. Start with a coffee and chat. Not needy and very independent. Very much a party girl and I have many interests and music is v
Otago Region, 46, Straight Female Seeking Men
Mischief in Middlemarch.... - Just here having a look and love to chat ...i live a new adventure everyday..im open minded so not judgemental about what people do in their lives... have a few options in mind so what i wont do i ha
South Island Area, in their 20's, Straight Female Seeking Men
25 yr old pretty human - Don't know I'm looking for. I guess what you are? Also please have a photo with your message or youll just get ignored. And please no beanies or caps or glasses as it hides the true you and I'm over
South Island Area, 24, Straight Female Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Hey - Im just seeing whats out here
South Island Area, 19, Straight Female Seeking Men
Looking for a DADDY 😛 - Needs a dirty daddy to teach me a lesson! Must be clean and rich 😊



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