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Balclutha, 43, Straight Female Seeking Men
Heyya - Funny. Great sense of humor. Laid back. No stress. Good talker. Sorry no pic no reply. After great sex nothing more nothing less.
Dunedin City, 35 to 44 age group, Straight Female Seeking Men
Straight Female - Looking for discreet fun , no strings. Like to meet first. No older than 48 years or younger than 30 years please Otago region Photos good, prefer face and body.
Dunedin City, 38, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Couples
Looking for fun - my mind
Dunedin City, 48, Straight Female Seeking Men
Happy days - Looking to meet a nice man and see where we go from there
Dunedin City, 50, Straight Female Seeking Men
Window shopping 4 a rainy day ... - I live at a remote beach just out of Dunedin, and I work days, up till sometimes 10 pm, meaning days are out, don't try and push otherwise! Im 50s, and not into under 45s, thanks, Basically after no
Dunedin City, 36, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Couples
Be Unique..if you want more hehe - Ask me anything and I will answer you truthfully. I am in a very committed relationship and yes my partner does know I am looking for a playmate and will sometimes join in. We're looking for cou
Otago Region, 18, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Don’t be a dick - Not really looking for a hookup
Dunedin City, 49, Straight Female Seeking Men
Looking to be touched - Do you enjoy BBWs? My rolls have rolls. Love getting a woman off with your tongue? I give as good as I get where oral is concerned. Are you single? If you wife won't fuck you why would I want t
Mosgiel, 38, Straight Female Seeking Men
Hey - Having a look
Queenstown, 25 to 34 age group, Bi-curious Female Seeking Log in to find out
Looking for very naughty couples, man or woman! - Definitely keen to get down and dirty with a likeminded woman or man.
Queenstown, 18 to 24 age group, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women
are you experienced? - looking for experience friendship sexy chat with girls only travel auckland,south island for work
Dunedin City, 27, Straight Female Seeking Men
Curiouser and curiouser - Just having a look and a chat at this stage.
Dunedin City, 47, Bi-curious Female Seeking Women, Couples
37 yr old Married Female - needing hard cock
South Island Area, 25, Straight Female Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Hey - Im just seeing whats out here
Dunedin City, 37, Straight Female Seeking Men
Why are we single..? - I am communicative, purposeful, sincere and passionate woman. I never sit in one place for long time. I am very easy-going person that is why I adore traveling. To date my main desires are to create
Dunedin City, 34, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men
I solemnly swear I am up to no good! - Female looking for a FWB. I'm not on here for a fling (if your here for the night or week) please don't ask.
Oamaru, 40, Bi-curious Female Seeking Women
Shy gurl - Hmmm just looking at trying something new.
Dunedin City, 41, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men
Looking at what's out there - Average size female who looks after herself, looking for fun
Dunedin City, , Straight Female Seeking Men
energetic wee thing - Looking to meet new people
Dunedin City, 19, Straight Female Seeking Men
Have fun with me - I’m interested in finding a dom, I’m intrigued by the dom and sub relationship. Love to have fun and easy going.
Dunedin City, 35, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Interested in meeting like minded people - Seeking like minded peoe for fun times
Cromwell, 24, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Oamaru, 29, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
Looking for fun - Hi I'm her to find someone with a kinky mind for some casual fun .. so if ur not close by there isn't any point msging me as I'm looking for physical fun not naughty chatting
Cromwell, 36, Bi-curious Female Seeking Women, Couples
Wanting to experiment - Wanting to experiment with a female.
Dunedin City, 48, Straight Female Seeking Men
Im really ugly and my kids dress me funny - Im unable to find love, because in addition to being slightly crazy alcoholic who swears and eats to much. Im not to not really interesting. My sights have been set unrealistically to high after yea



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