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Wellington Region, in their 40's, Straight Female Seeking Men
What matters most! - Im a really cool person, I get along most times with most people, Im attractive but I have found that what I think is sexy, gorgeous and cool isnt necessarily what other people think. But its all ab
Wellington Region, 38, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered
36 yrs old Bi-curious Single Female - Am looking for an mmf with some bi-curious guys šŸ˜Š Soz if I don't reply straight away, I use other apps as this site is too slow for me....
Wellington Region, 48, Straight Female Seeking Men
Looking for fun and friendship - Hi I am looking for someone to have fun with.. I am not looking for a anything serious just good conversation, a drink, a laugh a connection. Iā€™m adventurous looking for like minded people. Like to
New Zealand, 25, Straight Female Seeking Men
I'm New - Unfortunately I'm back home in Toronto city but feel free to message me if you're up for some sexting šŸ˜˜
North Island Area, 57, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Couples
"There's more to LIFE & ME than just sex. ... true story " - Youngins(being 0-40) male or female...am NOT interested. Read the profile see MY age..work it out!... am also NOT INTERESTED in one offs/random hookups etc.. Together in mind and body, I've played s
North Island Area, 30, Straight Female Seeking Men, Women, Transgendered, Couples
I WANT YOUR CUM No friend req without message i will block you - Im in New Plymouth SORRY IM ON HOLIDAY Im a spoil t brat and a slut I use guys when i want Im pretty and they do whatever i want If im busy you wait your turn Im not nice don't expect it If y
Porirua City, 35, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women, Couples
ComePutYourCockInMyMouth - Here for fun only... I love sucking cock coz I'm a cum slut... Message me and we'll chat some more Wheres all the yummy well hung cocks šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹ no time wasters please In need of a guy who is w
Wellington Region, 29, Straight Female Seeking Men
29 yrs old Single Female BBW - New to this...
Wellington Region, 53, Straight Female Seeking Log in to find out
Genuine warm seperated lady looking for a male freind - Warm caring person needing somebody to have the occassional walk, meal, movie with and possibly some gentle sex. Recovering from a breakup and would like a low profile uncomplicted freindship.
Porirua City, 21, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women
- I'm really looking to explore my sexuality. Extremely private as I grew up in a religious environment. Mainly looking for someone with experience, openness and patience but please don't expect anythi
Wellington Region, 58, Bi-curious Female Seeking Men, Women
hello and welcome - Love chatting, meeting new people. I am fussy, selective and choose to be on here. Not into dramas, people who need to have a fake profile to hide something, please pass on by. According to NZP
Wellington Region, 22, Straight Female Seeking Men
Live whilst I'm young - I'm a bubbly girl.. gotta be happy Enjoy a good time not a sad time



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