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Looking for women to come and have a day of fun with 2 bi men anything goes Bj 69 what ever goes...
Event by Bobsexsanders announced on 09-Aug-2017. 0 comments.
I'm bi, discreet, good looking, totally dlow. I'm in Auckland for the one night - have a central city hotel room I would love to try being used by a discreet group of muscular men. Never tried i...
Event by chchfunseeker announced on 04-Aug-2017. 0 comments.
Hubby & wife require 3 guys for next Sat August 26th. Age between 25-40 years old, must have clear pic, be in decent shape and be prepared to talk on phone prior. Genuine fun, no pressure stuff. ...
Event by Sydneyboy announced on 19-Aug-2017. 0 comments.
I have a female ready to have a chain of guys taking turns and using her in a motel.. pm me for more details.. Day time event all over by 230 ...
Event by tickleit announced on 17-Aug-2017. 0 comments.
Cum and celebrate the beginning of Spring. Winter 2017 will officially be over. The Spring flowers will be blooming, new lambs bouncing and the long cold nights will be getting less and less Tim...
Event by Thunder_Lightning announced on 07-Jul-2017. 0 comments.
The evening starts with a meet and greet with nibbles,then a barbicue around 6pm lots of meat and salads.Around 8pm the fun begins until around 11pm when a full supper is supplied.We can accomodate b...
Event by warwick01 announced on 18-Jun-2017. 1 comments. Latest comment posted on 19-Jul-2017 by warwick01
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