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Wow its time to get the undies and jocks and get along to basement cruise club cum and enjoy some hot action with lots of hot men :) $15.00 entry basement ...
Event by sexyhotrod announced on 17-May-2010. 16 comments. Latest comment posted on 20-Aug-2018 by
Looking to hold a Friday lunchtime gangbang in Hamilton. Will be in a venue near town, numbers will be restricted so not too crowded. $50 door charge. Couples $20 Relaxed, clean and safe atmospher...
Event by baldmusic announced on 13-Aug-2018. 0 comments.
The 7th monthly privately run and hosted Swingers Party for WOMEN and COUPLES , is on Saturday 1 September, and will be held at "Diversities", 6 Manning Place, Woolston, from 7.30pm The new dunge...
Event by Willie_in_Chch announced on 15-Jul-2018. 0 comments.
Get your gear off . . . for a hot afternoon of hot sex dress code enforced - NAKED! $15 entry 12 Canada St Newton ...
Event by sexyhotrod announced on 07-Jul-2010. 0 comments.
On October 4th to October 6th I will be going on a road trip to celebrate my 19th birthday, would absolutely love to spend one of those nights in a motel room with a couple guys for some drinks and o...
Event by Cass announced on 03-Jul-2018. 0 comments.
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