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Discussion - started by nzniki, posted on 10-Jun-19 3:06AM
unfortunately, i have chatted to yet another one who thinks that they can treat you like shit just for being honest and upfront. he sounds and looks perfect. a nice guy but then keeps asking for more when he damn well knows exactly what you're after and then has the cheek to turn it around on you lols. was ready to meet up with him and all then because i don't want to fuck him or play with him as soon as he turns up, tells you that it's a shame and we wouldn't have hit it off anyways haha. after having everything in common and he can't handle sitting through a fucking movie, jog on mate. oh, and then he blocked me be warned ladies....

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Comment #1 by Nersayus in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Jun-19 6:57AM
Hes just another wanker hon, he wouldnt have met you anyway. Hes just deflecting on you.
Hes all talk, wants a 100 photos and to get off talking about things he wont do. When he was supposed to turn up to a meet he had been carrying on about being so keen on for a week he didnt show and hasn't said a word since
Comment #2 by Miss_ayla in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Jun-19 10:19AM
This is like many guys and many messages, you didn't arrange for a meet then was stood up, so no real harm done. I'm not sure I would have named and shamed him for this. Lots of messages turn to crap after a great start. And I'd say, that if you wanted a movie date and he just wanted straight sex, then you weren't matched and wouldn't have worked anyway.
Comment #3 by Justlooking94 in response to the main topic
Posted on 10-Jun-19 10:58AM
That?s crap and at the end of the day his loss! I find it really frustrating when guys do this because it makes it harder for the rest of us who are genuinely interested in meeting people. You?re worth more and hope you find it
Posted on 10-Jun-19 11:04AM
But it's not his loss, if you are referring to the original post, they obviously wanted different things. But if someone gets nasty and insulting during messaging then absolutely warn others.
Posted on 10-Jun-19 11:09AM
Sorry, I miss read the original post and yes absolutely agree to warning others. In need of another coffee this morning to wake up a little.
Comment #6 by Nersayus in response to Miss_ayla ( view post )
Posted on 10-Jun-19 11:12AM
You missed the bit where he DID arrange to meet me, didnt show and the did the usual silent treatment!
Comment #7 by Miss_ayla in response to Nersayus ( view post )
Posted on 10-Jun-19 11:14AM
Was that at p and C or privately? I did follow what went on in the P and C discussion
Comment #8 by Nersayus in response to Miss_ayla ( view post )
Posted on 10-Jun-19 12:13PM
Funny yeah how he could post on there but not message to let me know. He spent a week wanking on about that meeting and wanting every detail of what might happen, but couldnt let me know he wasnt going to show and didnt even bother to message me after to apologize!

I dont apologise for having no tolerance for wasting peoples time. the first time you dont show somewhere you agreed to be without letting me know in advance that you wont be there is the last time because you wont be wasting my time again
Comment #9 by JuliaPetone in response to Nersayus ( view post )
Posted on 10-Jun-19 3:34PM
Ah, good info, thanks. I just replied to a big inquisitive private message from him about P&C.
Comment #10 by nzniki in response to Nersayus ( view post )
Posted on 10-Jun-19 4:49PM
yeah, i figured that too after asking for more pics of me and a face one when there's one right there on my bio lols. i'm a straight up chick cos, i know you have to be when chatting to men on these sites so there is no crossed wires. he was very much ok with the fact of me needing somewhat of a connection (a click) before any sexual stuff so the fact it was turned around so quickly left me dumbfounded. and without a chance to explain, he blocked me. now, if he had just said ok, not my thing then i wouldn't have bothered naming him. but the block and the way it was done made me think that he's done this before to others. not sure how much clearer i can be on my profile lols. but hey, thanks for messaging to let me know chick! :)
Comment #11 by nzniki in response to Miss_ayla ( view post )
Posted on 10-Jun-19 4:54PM
see, that's the thing. he was very much ok with all that and even said that a connection was the way to go too. so was not expecting it to be turned around at all. and i'm pretty sure it's because i couldn't attach more pics for him to perve at also. i know it probably looks catty but it wasn't at all. and i was just about to give him my addy as he seemed very keen to race over (in his words) and hang out with me...
Comment #12 by nzniki in response to Nersayus ( view post )
Posted on 10-Jun-19 4:57PM
exactly! my time can't be gotten back after spending hours trying to communicate so that there's no question about what i'm after and if we're on the same page.
i'm sorry your time was wasted like he just didn't care. some obviously want to wank on about the details more than an actual meet up. makes me wonder if he's even real ya know???
Posted on 11-Jun-19 1:21PM
This guy^

He's going for the I'm so smooth trophy....

Jokes bruda....

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