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  1. Discussion by sprintcar started 19-Sep-2021. Latest comment posted on 23-Sep-2021
    Whos sick of members who are online all the time and dont answer any messages
  2. Discussion by Lonely1 started 18-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 20-Sep-2021
    I'm thinking that would be nice to have a reply it only takes a couple of seconds
  3. Discussion by Luvtolickunow started 22-Nov-2020. Latest comment posted on 16-Aug-2021
    This worker is a con and conned me out of $1300 and has no intention of paying it back !! Guys be careful!!!
  4. Discussion by ready4u2 started 08-Jun-2021. Latest comment posted on 07-Aug-2021
    I recon after the word ghosting got coined it became an excuse for people to ignore genuine real peoples messages. I have had my profile on NZP for well over 10 years or more. It seems to me as an ob...
  5. Discussion by Tracycdslut started 30-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 02-Aug-2021
    Philip of Nelson is full of shit organise ed a meet told me street then vanished another wanker on here seems to be the norm with single males
  6. Discussion by Bluduck started 10-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 30-Jul-2021
    ynot67 He is a narcissist, player and a bit of a time waster and is only very recently separated despite what he may say.
  7. Discussion by nzniki started 11-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 28-Jul-2021
    Ladies beware. This loser is a complete and utter waste of time. Never showed up and has my addy which is a bit of a worry. I never give it out until I'm assured that things are definitely happening. ...
  8. Discussion by Tracycdslut started 19-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 26-Jul-2021
    Will tell his address I went there and nothing can't be trusted full of shit
  9. Discussion by Tracycdslut started 19-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 21-Jul-2021
    Talked the talk got motel and he no show then deleted his acc just another wanker
  10. Journal by KGB started 02-Jul-2021. Latest comment posted on 02-Jul-2021
    This message is about Carter309 living in Richmond. If any girls decide to meet him I recommend that you ask for his real name and then google it to find out more about him. He's living in a stolen ca...
  11. Discussion by Wickedwayne started 16-May-2021. Latest comment posted on 16-May-2021
    Her site is rismababy and she will rip you off definitely just a dishonest person who bullshits lies and deserves to be put in her place and hopefully karma will get her back good but seriously guys a...
  12. Discussion by greay711 started 27-Feb-2021. Latest comment posted on 21-Mar-2021
    Anne10, well I do not understand this women, all the talk , wants to organize a meeting, twice now I might add then shuts down blocks you for no reason. Anyone got any feed back on her please.
  13. Discussion by Ready2mingle started 16-Feb-2021. Latest comment posted on 25-Feb-2021
    Lovetooxx (Jane) At first she came across as genuine and would call and message often and communicated well with many interests until it came time to meet up and she never arrived. Giving her the ben...
  14. Discussion by MrCertain started 14-Jan-2021. Latest comment posted on 20-Jan-2021
    Does anyone get the feeling this site is stagnating? I mean, very few new members joining it seems. Nothing wrong with us who have been here a while but it would be nice to have new blood.
  15. Discussion by Lily started 18-Aug-2020. Latest comment posted on 13-Oct-2020
    Buyers beware. Her product didn't work for many guys. She deleted all the neg comments and continues to sell her unproven, no statistics, product. After you buy, she'll tell you to increase to 4 tabs...
  16. Discussion by flossie1nz started 30-Jul-2020. Latest comment posted on 10-Oct-2020
    Yep another timewaster. Chatting since last week then on the day we are supposed to meet goes quiet. Even if he is legit he can at least say he is no longer keen or that something has come up rather...
  17. Journal by whatsneeded started 17-Aug-2020. Latest comment posted on 17-Aug-2020
    Don't believe a word he says. Not showing up for meeting, lying and making you believe you are the greatest.
  18. Discussion by nzniki started 04-Feb-2019. Latest comment posted on 10-Aug-2020
    has anyone had any run in's with a time waster of everest proportions named Simone from wellington? who runs hot as hell when she's trying to get your attention and then as soon as you actually want t...
  19. Discussion by comecum started 21-Jul-2020. Latest comment posted on 21-Jul-2020
    Total timewaster - just keeps fluffing around then never shows up.
  20. Discussion by kiwimale40 started 27-May-2019. Latest comment posted on 02-Jul-2020
    has anyone seen MIZZ KITTY has add up here , and had add up on Locanto .com under ALICIA for long time , I phoned her once inquired but when asked about her other name on locanto she said that was her...
  21. Discussion by nzniki started 19-May-2020. Latest comment posted on 23-May-2020
    he messaged me so ended up having a conversation and once we finally decided to talk off here he blocked me no notice no nothing. so just another fake arse bullshitter on here. sooo many ffs grrr
  22. Journal by Eve started 21-Apr-2020. Latest comment posted on 21-Apr-2020
    I am a member of this group yet cannot see any posts. When I click on the speech bubble I get nothing. Any ideas?
  23. Discussion by Lily started 05-Mar-2020. Latest comment posted on 05-Mar-2020
    A dreamer, a time waster.
  24. Discussion by 0penb00k started 02-Mar-2020. Latest comment posted on 02-Mar-2020
    Anyone as any positive or negative dealings with these guys? No pics in profile with little information to go on when thinking of meeting.
  25. Discussion by Heronsrest started 06-Jan-2020. Latest comment posted on 08-Jan-2020
    This guy will not share pictures. He promises to meet up then blocks you. Stay away from him
  26. Discussion by Jimmy567 started 24-Dec-2019. Latest comment posted on 25-Dec-2019
    Her add sounds very good 26 full girlfriend with an edge blah blah..working from motels in papanui area..get there undress give her money then a guy shows up stand over tactics. ..fuck it not getting ...
  27. Discussion by worththerisk started 15-Oct-2019. Latest comment posted on 01-Dec-2019
    any one sent her money for rent yet?? sounds like a scam look out
  28. Discussion by Biggerblue started 31-May-2019. Latest comment posted on 08-Nov-2019
    Does anyone know who tAy(Taylor) female profile us? Or had any dealings with this person?
  29. Discussion by Shaven started 06-Nov-2019. Latest comment posted on 06-Nov-2019
    Having an encounter with this guy at the mo he keeps asking for money to pay rent hes a scammer
  30. Discussion by Steelman1 started 18-Sep-2019. Latest comment posted on 29-Oct-2019
    Warning these 2 are hooked on meth and while there was 2 successful hookups the nxt 2 were ripoffs he’s now setting up meets and st last minute demanding money so be very careful yes he got me the las...
  31. Discussion by Hookmeup19 started 08-Jul-2019. Latest comment posted on 09-Jul-2019
    Total wast of time this guy , drive for 2 hours for me & my girl to meet up with him , paid for a hotel & the F wit never even showed up .
  32. Discussion by penny21xd started 29-Oct-2018. Latest comment posted on 20-Jun-2019
    I suspect this is a guy pretending to be a couple. Messaged me repeatedly asking to meet that day, then got really abusive and blocked me when I said I wasn't interested. Then may have messaged me fro...
  33. Discussion by Artois started 19-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 19-Jun-2019
    Has any ladies had any dealings with this guy?
  34. Discussion by nzniki started 10-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 11-Jun-2019
    unfortunately, i have chatted to yet another one who thinks that they can treat you like shit just for being honest and upfront. he sounds and looks perfect. a nice guy but then keeps asking for more ...
  35. Discussion by Nikiwe84 started 04-Oct-2018. Latest comment posted on 01-May-2019
    Be aware sword very judgemental couple they say they will meet and don’t be aware
  36. Discussion by Helene started 30-Apr-2019. Latest comment posted on 01-May-2019
    Underage to book an escort - is 16 I have advised him that he cannot book an escort at his age and won’t stop contact Trying to pressure me into booking him
  37. Discussion by BlondeDDs started 26-Apr-2019. Latest comment posted on 30-Apr-2019
    Time Waster! Makes booking hours in advance, chats etc, then as get closer to arranged time... he ghosts... If not turning up... just say so!
  38. Discussion by Bobbie69 started 21-Apr-2019. Latest comment posted on 23-Apr-2019
    Is there a list of names of the people to be aware of?
  39. Discussion by lilyluvcock started 21-Apr-2019. Latest comment posted on 21-Apr-2019
    He will turn up but without any money
  40. Discussion by kestrel49 started 21-Feb-2019. Latest comment posted on 21-Apr-2019
    Said he would come over straight after work. He didn't turn up or get in touch. I got in touch & he Offered a plausible reason, excuse which I accepted. He offered to come over straight after work aga...
  41. Discussion by notbrad started 20-Apr-2019. Latest comment posted on 20-Apr-2019
    Seeking $ .. what out
  42. Discussion by lilyluvcock started 14-Apr-2019. Latest comment posted on 15-Apr-2019
    All talk... Nothing else!! Full of BS and promises. I suspect he has another profile which is very similar to this one but a different part of nz. Don't waste your time Dont send him a...
  43. Discussion by sosoome started 14-Apr-2019. Latest comment posted on 14-Apr-2019
    Quite simply she doesn't deliver - will short time and moan about her health and life! Quite honestly as much as it shouldn't happen she deserves the proverbial time wasters! She isn't worth the tim...
  44. Discussion by lilyluvcock started 07-Apr-2019. Latest comment posted on 09-Apr-2019
    Please can you send me a pm. Thx
  45. Discussion by Voluptu-Delicious started 27-Jun-2016. Latest comment posted on 24-Mar-2019
    Often poses as a couple If anyone can name his other profiles, feel free!
  46. Discussion by lilyluvcock started 21-Mar-2019. Latest comment posted on 21-Mar-2019
    Totally fake!!! Quite clever. He'll get all he wants from you but he's not who he says he is. A total timewaster lier looser....
  47. Discussion by Leilani2 started 21-Mar-2019. Latest comment posted on 21-Mar-2019
    Beware of the Scott.. nasty women hater and will be nice all of a sudden turns ugly because females are all sluts whores and bitches. Just putting it out there escort job Hunter/ puffer. Enter at your...
  48. Discussion by Ecuptits started 12-Jan-2019. Latest comment posted on 10-Mar-2019
    Booked me but never showed up Just a waste of time Why cant people just be nice enough to say they not coming instead of making up bs
  49. Discussion by lilyluvcock started 20-Feb-2019. Latest comment posted on 21-Feb-2019
  50. Discussion by looking_for_fun started 25-Jan-2019. Latest comment posted on 19-Feb-2019
    I am really sick of finding all the impolite people on here. When I send a message that is simply asking if there is interest, it would be nice if there was a reply saying not interested or something...
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