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Discussion - started by Lily, posted on 18-Aug-20 4:15AM
Buyers beware. Her product didn't work for many guys. She deleted all the neg comments and continues to sell her unproven, no statistics, product.
After you buy, she'll tell you to increase to 4 tabs daily ensuring you buy even more.
From my observations, her product does not work.

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Comment #1 by Dunedin584 in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Aug-20 7:27PM
Answer to your comment. It works for me. And she tells you may not work for everyone.
Comment #2 by Lily in response to Dunedin584 ( view post )
Posted on 18-Aug-20 7:37PM
That's great.
However, they didn't work for heaps of people but she was deleting their comments. Nor could she give any statistics but instead blocked me for asking. All seems very dodgy.
Just saying it as it is.
Comment #3 by Dunedin584 in response to Lily ( view post )
Posted on 18-Aug-20 7:41PM
I respect your opinion have no issues so far with Madison.
Comment #4 by johnthemaster in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Aug-20 9:29PM
Didn't work for me. Wash just a waste of money.
They did nothing at all.
Comment #5 by Lily in response to johnthemaster ( view post )
Posted on 18-Aug-20 11:15PM
And many others sadly.
Comment #6 by Lily in response to Lily ( view post )
Posted on 18-Aug-20 11:21PM
That's why viagra was such a major breakthrough. Because nothing else worked as good, as hard, as cheaply, as viagra.
Comment #7 by DarkNight in response to Lily ( view post )
Posted on 19-Aug-20 12:11AM
And there lots of brands out there like Viagra than can be purchased for as little as $4 each via your doctor or pharmacy.

How much does she sell her unproven herbs for?

Get the real to your doctor or pharmacist. $4 for an all night long erection!
Comment #8 by Lily in response to DarkNight ( view post )
Posted on 19-Aug-20 1:08AM
I think she says 3 maths to start working, several bottles at over hundy a bottle...
Someone else might know exactly.
Comment #9 by Funtimes69 in response to DarkNight ( view post )
Posted on 19-Aug-20 6:46PM
So many side effects with Viagra I won't use it again
Posted on 19-Aug-20 7:36PM
I don't get any side effects.
Posted on 19-Aug-20 8:29PM
Lucky for you, when I used it I would have a massive headache in the morning and last all day, plus after taking a Viagra I would get a blocked nasal area
Posted on 20-Aug-20 7:03AM
I get a headache following morning, no nasal issues luckily,
But when use get great result ( doctor prescribed due to health issue )
Posted on 20-Aug-20 8:34AM
That's the reason I stopped the blue, I hated a 8 hour headache
Comment #14 by Gliese581 in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-Aug-20 9:15AM
I started using her product after lockdown out of curiousity. I don't get much "action" these days so only take one a day although she pushes you to take two or more.
I take them more for general wellness as some of the ingredients are said to be beneficial for this. I do feel that I have more energy in my everyday life this Winter but I can't attribute this to the product.
I will take a break from them for a while after my bottle runs out and see if this makes any difference.
Posted on 20-Aug-20 11:06AM
I must be just lucky. No side effects from my blue pills. Just need half a pill.
I also take Rhodiola and korean Ginseng and zinc so maybe its a combination. Stay hard chaps.
Posted on 20-Aug-20 3:21PM
I only use half a blue pill to. All I need.
Posted on 20-Aug-20 8:06PM
I'm 1/2 pill also ,very effective
Comment #18 by Dunedin584 in response to Lily ( view post )
Posted on 21-Aug-20 6:29AM
Hi lily. In response to z energy a product that Madison is promoting and selling to help us all. I found this product so far great it has made me feel with more energy, I have losted weight, blood pressure stable and normal, I can get erection just by a little urge and it's stiff, my joints are better too. So overall this product has been good for me. Madison did state may not work for everyone that was made very clear.
Comment #19 by Dicey in response to Dunedin584 ( view post )
Posted on 21-Aug-20 12:36PM
The main point lily is making is that reviews are being deleted, particularly the ones that show that it doesnt work. Products generally will never work for everyone so people like to shop around to find what suits them. Reviews help people make better informed decisions.
Posted on 21-Aug-20 1:56PM
I have Never used Viagra! But I have a Stash! Do you Recover Quicker with Viagra! When you say Half! Half of What! Half of 50mg! I certainly Did Not Require any Viagra this Morning! Lily x
Comment #21 by Dunedin584 in response to Dicey ( view post )
Posted on 21-Aug-20 2:04PM
Comment #22 by Lily in response to Dicey ( view post )
Posted on 21-Aug-20 3:49PM
Thanks Dicey. One has to hear both sides plus statistics and a full list of ingredients to make Informed decisions
When those details are omitted, something smells fishy.
And it ain't me
Posted on 21-Aug-20 5:28PM
I use 1/2of blue pill ...
Posted on 21-Aug-20 5:57PM
Yes! But What Dosage! Lily x
Posted on 21-Aug-20 7:18PM
Mt ones are 100mg so I half to 5 mg
Posted on 21-Aug-20 7:30PM
Thanks John! Mine are Fifties and Twenty Fives! I might just try 100 first time and gauge from there! Lily x
Posted on 21-Aug-20 7:31PM
Your 50 became 5 because NZP only allow a total of four numbers in a Comment! Lily x
Posted on 21-Aug-20 7:46PM
Okay fifty mg
Posted on 21-Aug-20 10:07PM
yep me too. half of a 100 mg pill
Posted on 22-Aug-20 6:54AM
Wow if I had that much of the Blue pill I'd be written off all the next day worse that an alcohol hangover
Comment #31 by Dicey in response to Funtimes69 ( view post )
Posted on 22-Aug-20 12:59PM
🤣😂. I was stupid! I took the bill pill when i wasnt ready for physical contact (I must of thought I was going to hook up later in the night). Didnt stop having a good time with wines and dancing and completely forgot that I had taken it. The next day, i asked my friend why my hangover was really bad and he mentioned that the only difference to that night to every other night was the blue pill haha. Lessoned learnt 🤔. #Never mix alcohol and blue pill #only take blue pill if hooking up. 🤗😚.
Comment #32 by captcunninglus in response to Dicey ( view post )
Posted on 22-Aug-20 2:46PM
Hahaha yeah ive learnt that lesson too.the alcohol counteracts the pill too. i usually pop my half tablet then lick pussy for 30-60 mins. then im ready for action. they loved being teased and having to wait. women get off on anticipation.
Comment #33 by chchswing in response to the main topic
Posted on 25-Aug-20 4:48PM
Well I'm another one who is using her product and find that it does work. Used to take half a blue pill and felt crook the next day with a bad headache and feeling sick...won't go back to viagra now. After about 3 months on her product I found my erections to be a lot harder and I could last all night. I only take one pill in the morning each day and if I know I'm meeting someone that night I take a second pill mid to late afternoon and that's all I need.

Just as an aside I find it also has helped how I feel...seem to have more energy during the day and has helped my workout with weights, which is what it is actually been manufactured for by the US company that makes it.
Comment #34 by Caldus in response to Dunedin584 ( view post )
Posted on 25-Aug-20 7:23PM
Why can't she front up for herself?
Comment #35 by Gliese581 in response to Caldus ( view post )
Posted on 27-Aug-20 12:34PM
Probably because she is unware of this post?
Comment #36 by TomC in response to the main topic
Posted on 6-Oct-20 9:55AM
Be Careful with the Viagra ... I was partying ... years ago ( 72 hour sex binge ) and accidentally / on purpose ... took 2 one hundred mg pills within a 2 - hour period ... because the first one didn’t seem to be working at the time and I needed to perform ....

Well the pills eventually cranked my cock into superman mode which was great ...but a little later in the night I was sitting down having a break and all of a sudden noticed my left foot and lower leg staring to swell up big time ....

It freaked me out a bit ,so I googled my symptoms and was sure I was gonna have a heart attack , damage my brain or even worse for a few hours there ....

Eventually the swelling seemed to ease thank goodness and I’m still alive to tell the tale .... Some years later ...

Comment #37 by greay711 in response to the main topic
Posted on 13-Oct-20 6:46PM
Totally agree with all the comments,did nothing for me when I challenged the money back guarantee never heard back.NZP should strike her off the site and the people supporting het
Posted on 13-Oct-20 7:05PM
You won't get you money back. She just takes your money and run.
Posted on 13-Oct-20 9:30PM
This is a great thread. I too get headaches from viagra. But then I cut the pill in half and does very little. On top of that if I do get hard and cum it’s just a bit numb.
Anyone else have had success with any other products?

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