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Discussion - started by MrCertain, posted on 14-Jan-21 1:30PM
Does anyone get the feeling this site is stagnating? I mean, very few new members joining it seems. Nothing wrong with us who have been here a while but it would be nice to have new blood.

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Comment #1 by Honey-oasis in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Jan-21 9:40AM
Then people need to know NZ personals is out there can't build a casino in a desert and expect people to know about it
Comment #2 by nzmaam in response to the main topic
Posted on 18-Jan-21 3:23PM
There needs to be like a affiliate program to bring more people here and the ability to add amounts into ads etc
Comment #3 by Dicey in response to the main topic
Posted on 19-Jan-21 1:52PM
What an interesting topic. In my experience, When I first joined. It was great until afew days later, I noticed on the group topics a fair amount of people who liked to bully, talk down to people, make assumptions of people and at one point, I was attacked by one of these regular bullys for offering services that they thought was tacky and made me out to be trash. I didnt think much about it because I wouldnt judge anybody for whatever they do or wasted my time caring about they do as its there business, but I was doing me and it wasnt any of there business if they werent responding to take up what I was offering. In any case, Im a rare commenter on pages but Ive never joined a site where there was a specific group that commented all the time and negatively on topics. So it didnt surprise me that people would leave the site or join due to negative reputation or not pay for upgrades for the site, let alone comment on topics in fear of being attacked. It doesnt look like those people are with nzp or choosing to mind there own business and focus on themselves which is great cause it just makes it easier discussions with people. Ive been with nzp for awhile and I hang in there incase the change of perception for nzp starts to attract people again to stay and make it fun, easy and chill.
Comment #4 by chunkylover in response to the main topic
Posted on 20-Jan-21 8:58AM
Do you mean wary as opposed to weary ??

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