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Discussion - started by ready4u2, posted on 8-Jun-21 8:46PM
I recon after the word ghosting got coined it became an excuse for people to ignore genuine real peoples messages.
I have had my profile on NZP for well over 10 years or more. It seems to me as an observation that people treat people like shit when it dosent matter and identities are hidden behind profile names.
Its not just women but couples and men also.
I answer profile requests fitting the request with a full informative message with info etc sometimes with pic. 95% of all messages get totally ignored i.e. ghosted. For the % that reply well done and thankyou.
The whole swinging thing is had work .
But worth it for the odd wonderful ones.

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Comment #1 by Kiwirogue09 in response to the main topic
Posted on 9-Jun-21 5:46AM
It seems a simple ‘No thanks’ is to much for most.
Rather be told no than be left hanging and wondering.
Comment #2 by ready4u2 in response to Kiwirogue09 ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jun-21 6:22AM
Exactly right. Cheers
Comment #3 by Majichanz in response to Kiwirogue09 ( view post )
Posted on 9-Jun-21 8:13AM
Exactly... manners go a long way, but they are far and few that know what these are
Posted on 9-Jun-21 1:56PM
You would think eh
Posted on 9-Jun-21 5:50PM
Certainly agree. By the way we use to chat and then I left site for a little while. Now I can no longer contact as restrictions are in place. Would love to catch up when you can.
Posted on 9-Jun-21 7:32PM
Im not glad to see more interested , that others have noticed the same kind of ghosting.
This groupe is name and shame, do we list the rude members?
For me im not into tit for tat, i was just in the mood to comment the other night.
Posted on 9-Jun-21 7:38PM
I was not grumbling I was trying to have a chat again, would like to give an update.
Posted on 9-Jun-21 9:22PM
All good you have to message me first nzp rules
Posted on 9-Jun-21 9:23PM
But apparently your settings do not allow me to. I will try again but maybe friend me then we can chat?
Posted on 10-Jun-21 6:09PM
So right kiwirogue. Why can't people just say, "sorry, not interested", or "yeah i just came in my hand and I don't like you anymore", or just "fuck off"...Human nature to want to avoid conflict I guess.
Posted on 10-Jun-21 7:46PM
Unfortunately the rise of social media means that people can hide behind a keyboard and be arseholes, without the risk of being punched in the throat.
Comment #12 by bdf2 in response to the main topic
Posted on 11-Jun-21 7:19PM
Try being a mature woman on this site. I have given up waiting for people to respond.
Comment #13 by ready4u2 in response to Kiwirogue09 ( view post )
Posted on 11-Jun-21 11:15PM
I love that 👍
Comment #14 by ready4u2 in response to bdf2 ( view post )
Posted on 11-Jun-21 11:17PM
I hear you, keep trying and keep smiling. If im up your way id love a coffee.
Comment #15 by Is-this-where-I-sign-up in response to the main topic
Posted on 12-Jun-21 9:34AM
I'll name and shame myself....I'll happily admit I'm one of these "ghosters" personally I don't think that messages like dtf? Or sup? Warrant a reply. And I've been on and off these sites for a few years now and I have found that more often than not, even if a guy has put more thought into a message and you reply with a "thanks but no thanks" they often want reasons why or try continue the conversation in some other form, even after you politely decline, and then become extremely pushy about for those reasons I'm one of those ghosters you speak of.
Comment #16 by bdf2 in response to ready4u2 ( view post )
Posted on 12-Jun-21 9:41AM
Aww thank you 😊
Posted on 12-Jun-21 9:42AM
Yes as a mature female most have the attitude that I am desperate 🤣
Posted on 12-Jun-21 9:47AM
Simply not answering a "dtf" message is not considered ghosting in my opinion. Ghosting would be specifically cutting off contact on an already established conversation for no apparent reason. I have plenty of "keen" type one-word messages that I simply ignore as well as I find they are rude and absolutely not worth a response. All just my opinion though.
Posted on 12-Jun-21 9:57AM
I don't understand when guys chat for ages ask for pics. I only drip feed 4 pics. Then say going to come, give a time and then don't show don't even give excuses. I don't get angry or upset. I just think how sad that there are people out there going through there life with no manners scruples or common sense. I wonder about the senior one that do it and wonder how did they manage to make it through to the age they are . Oh well had 2 do it last night. Is it that bad with them in just Auckland or is it nation wide. I seem to get 3 aweek
Posted on 12-Jun-21 10:03AM
I agree with the dwf and sup, thats not a message us it.
For the ones that want a reason or pushy after a polite decline just block. You did the nice thing by repling.
Comment #21 by ready4u2 in response to sissysandra ( view post )
Posted on 12-Jun-21 10:05AM
Yep i agree,
Comment #22 by bdf2 in response to sissysandra ( view post )
Posted on 12-Jun-21 10:06AM
Well said
Posted on 12-Jun-21 11:52AM
Well said. We will also add the multiple same worded message from the same guy. Called the shotgun method

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