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Discussion - started by Likemindedones, posted on 26-Nov-21 2:41PM
Comes on hot and strong sends photos out from all angles tells you what porn she’s watching and what’s she’s doing then when you ask to meet at some stage blocks you.probably not a real person

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Comment #1 by bicuriousbabe in response to the main topic
Posted on 26-Nov-21 10:24PM
Lol had nothing to do with meeting, you had me bored and uninterested very fast! 😂😂
Posted on 26-Nov-21 10:40PM
Most likely a guy
Posted on 26-Nov-21 10:43PM
Whatever helps you sleep at night dude 😂
Posted on 26-Nov-21 10:49PM
Alright dude🍆 go watch more porn
Posted on 27-Nov-21 4:56PM
His account not found hahaha
Posted on 27-Nov-21 5:12PM
It didn't work out too well for him. Stood up then shown up.
Posted on 27-Nov-21 6:56PM
Hahaha true
Comment #8 by slimguy in response to robbierabbit ( view post )
Posted on 27-Nov-21 10:07PM
maybe he was the fake

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