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Absolute time waster
Discussion - started by Farmerscott, posted on 14-Mar-23 9:02AM
FIGBEE01 greymouth..we arranged a party and he begged us to attend.. we had 4 ladies,2 guys,a tranny etc.. wanted to meet one on one..wanted a shower with me first..messages every minutes asking to come,can I come now,can I please come now..then falls asleep. As he's likely a virgin we were giving him an opportunity to finally do it and nothing.. avoid at all costs

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Comment #1 by robbierabbit in response to the main topic
Posted on 14-Mar-23 10:26AM
He's been around for years on several sites. Very persistent with odd requests. Just block him and move on
Posted on 14-Mar-23 10:50AM
We thought he may have been a bit simple so benefit of doubt as we were trying to help him.. never again
Comment #3 by G-Man in response to the main topic
Posted on 15-Mar-23 6:27PM
Sounds like he missed a great opportunity and what would have been a fantastic time for sure.
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Comment #5 by Farmerscott in response to Neil ( view post )
Posted on 28-May-23 2:40PM
Yep that's him.. he begged to meet up and hounded us with 10s of messages all day and night. Then wanted to come over and shower first. Even though we had single woman there he wanted to shower with the guys..
Comment #6 by Husky in response to Farmerscott ( view post )
Posted on 30-May-23 2:42AM
Waste of time and energy

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