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  1. Discussion by ShaneSarah started 06-Apr-2023. Latest comment posted on 06-Apr-2023
    If anyone here has some big toys I'd be interested please messege me
  2. Discussion by jtnz started 15-Jun-2022. Latest comment posted on 25-Dec-2022
    Anyone care to share a pic of their favourite DIY toys? I have a number of things I either made or bought somewhere - often things with very different intended uses! I'll post a few in the next day o...
  3. Discussion by jtnz started 18-Aug-2021. Latest comment posted on 18-Aug-2021
    I would absolutely LOVE to be milked dry by someone with a Venus - OMG what a thought So I thought maybe I should ask! Also very keen to hear from anyone who has used one too. Cheers. (NAUGHTYGRIN...
  4. Discussion by jtnz started 15-Aug-2021. Latest comment posted on 15-Aug-2021
    I've made a few over the years and some pretty good ones if I may brag. My current fave is a computer-controlled penis pump that I regularly enjoy - not that it's making any long term difference but i...
  5. Discussion by Southern started 24-Jan-2021. Latest comment posted on 24-Jan-2021
    Hey all whose from Dunedin on here, love to meet some one to peg me with a stap on xxxx
  6. Discussion by Sashaistoyforkinkygay started 05-Sep-2020. Latest comment posted on 05-Sep-2020
    I love xl xxl and xxxxl toys can't get enough of them disappointingly not enough woman admit to liking the toys if they can try them on someone else, which for me is next best thing to oxygen and slic...
  7. Discussion by Whoseekskink started 22-Jun-2019. Latest comment posted on 21-Dec-2019
    Hello would others like meet. Regularly for toy play meetinns
  8. Discussion by maaka_2 started 31-Aug-2018. Latest comment posted on 30-Mar-2019
    I've just taken over this group and would like to see it grow with interesting toy experiences shared with members....also what type and size guys and girls enjoy...
  9. Discussion by lilyluvcock started 16-Feb-2018. Latest comment posted on 03-Mar-2019
  10. Discussion by Elizabeth started 01-Feb-2019. Latest comment posted on 03-Mar-2019
    Good quality NEW, mainly rechargeable. Great prices. Pm for pics and prices

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